Tropical Island Decorating Ideas


How about bringing the tropical paradise of the tropical islands into your home with some tropical inspired home decor? Their bright and cheery decor turn your home into a retreat, even if you are in the middle of Minnesota. Nothing is more relaxing than spending a summer vacation in your beach hut while enjoying the waves of palm leaves. So browse our home accent suggestions for Hawaiian decor on a budget!

Bold Wallpaper

Tropical 1b

The “tropical” word brings us to imagine the freshness of the rainforest. When you want to feel like you’re in the jungle — not just in a room that’s sort of decorated like the jungle — wall-to-wall wallpaper is the only approach


Tropical 2b

Mosquito netting and beds draped with gauzy white fabric or curtains seem are a very tropical thing that can be brought into your room. Use wood or bamboo material for your bed to strengthen the tropical ambiance.

Embrace Neon

Tropical 3b

Tropical style needs a dash of color and neon brings a heck of a punch. Adjust the color of your furniture with the color palette on the wall and floor to make it look as one.

Woven Shade

Tropical 4b

Replace your drapes with woven shades. You can choose the color and material that suits your room.

Crisp Kitchen

Tropical 5b

The repetition of black-and-white geometric patterns gives this room a calming rhythm. The varying shapes and sizes of stripes and rectangles keep the look from being too repetitive. Oversize basket-weave shades are delightfully unexpected.

Outdoor Bathroom

Tropical 6b

This is not really outdoors, because we definitely need privacy. this bathroom divides 2 areas, outside and inside. The outside area is arranged in such a way that it is exciting in the outdoors

Airy Oasis

Tropical 7

Tropical homes require large windows to allow sunlight and air to enter easily. considerations for planting in the house, during the day they help provide more oxygen.


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