DIY Indoor Water Garden Ideas For Your Summer Decoration


As anyone who has snorkeled can attest, the cool aquamarine light underwater casts an enchanted glow on everything in its domain. Perhaps this explains the allure of water gardens. Small freshwater gardens are fun to create and simple to care for. You have to be creative here by finding out the right plants, right container for this awesome decorative stuff.

White Gravels

Water garden 1

The use of white gravels makes the green color of leaves and moss become more alive. White gravels also give a clean impression on the overall look.

Water Garden with Betta Fish

Water garden 2

Adding fish into the water garden, making it look like a small aquarium. Betta fish also works to remove mosquito larvae.

Glass Mug

Water garden 3

Not only a vase that can be used as a container indoor water park, glass mug can you use well. Another alternative to glass mugs is the glass bowl

Over The Water

Water garden 4

The plants used not always should be completely submerged. You can also create a water garden by soaking only the root of the plant,

Using The Bulb

Water garden 5

Here we know that the bulbs can also be made as part of the water garden.

The Designs

Water garden 6

There are many alternative plants, container and rocks that can be used to make a water garden. You can choose which one best suits you.

The Soil

Water garden 8

Soil can also be used as a place to grow plants in the water. What you should pay attention to is not to add soil fertilizer as a mixture.

Colored Garden

Water garden 7

Using colored aquarium rock is certainly very fun, you can use one or more color combinations. Not only that, the addition of decoration like ceramic fish also makes the atmosphere of your water garden become more lively.


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