10 Clever Ways To Upcycled Old Maps To Beautify Your Home


If you ever subscribe to National Geographic magazine, you will have a pile of old maps lying around and do not know what to do. Do not dare to throw away the old maps and atlases. Conversely, why not give them new goals by increasing them into something new and unique? You just need some repurposing and upcycling ideas and you’ll be on your way to your next craft project!


Old map 1a
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We love this brilliant idea, maps swing from the chandelier. You can easily make it by shredding the map on your old atlas.

Window Treatment

Old map 2a
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Upcycling vintage maps for custom roller-shades and window treatments is refreshingly irreverent, and super-clever. Map-shades look charming in every room. They do equally well inside smaller spaces that could benefit an injection of color and pattern.

Map Door

Old map 3
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Grab the scissors and add a little zip to your room with this quick paper project. Back the panes of a French door with pieces cut from bargain maps and hold in place with double-stick tape or glazier points. The window covers let you see the world from the comfort of your home while providing added privacy.

Kitchen Backsplash

Old map 4
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Invoke the essence of your favorite destination, in your cookspace with a dramatic map backsplash. The beautiful map backsplash serves as a focal point while protecting against splatters.


Old map 5
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Cover any wall in vintage maps to create visual interest. Feel free to stick push pins in all of the places your have visited.


Old map 6
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Old maps can also be used as your bedroom decoration. Simply hang the map on the top of your bed and instantly it will be the center of attention in your room. You can also frame it to add a dramatic impression in your room.


Old map 7
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Scuffed, scratched, and dreary? Revive an old piece of furniture by dressing it in maps. The refreshed appearance of a chest of drawers also comes from the addition of new drawer handles made from leather.

Wall Art

Old map 8
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There are many ways to make a map into a wall decoration, one of which is to use embroidery hoop. You can make it with different sizes and arrange it into a work of art for your adventurous spirit.

Decoupage Chair

Old map 9
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Vintage maps imbue that storied vibe we’re all seeking to elicit, and the decoupage technique is a great way to give a boring object instant significance.

Ceiling Decoration

Old map 10
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If you want an ambitious project you can try this idea, it is to install your old map on the ceiling of the house. You will need some help from others in the process, but the results will be worth.


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