10 Fantastic Backyard Court Ideas to Play Your Favorite Sport

10 fantastic backyard court ideas to play your favorite sport
10 fantastic backyard court ideas to play your favorite sport

When you are lucky with large backyard area, it will be better for you to build sport court. It is not only as an outdoor design but help you to keep healthy. Your family and friends can see the court and play together someday. Let your children play the game and see how they look happy and fun.

Large Tennis Court

Large tennis court

When you have a large space at your backyard, it will be phenomenal if you build a tennis court. Playing tennis will keep all family happy and healthy. Don’t waste your time this weekend for sleeping. Playing tennis will be much more fun.

Classic Backyard Court

Classic backyard court

Playing basketball in a classic backyard court will be fun as well. It sounds wonderful to do this activity with your children at holiday, doesn’t it? Get ready to ask your friend for playing basketball this evening and fun.

Golf and Basketball Court

Golf and basketball court

Having basketball will make your children happy. However, you need to have sport court as well. If your space allow you to make mini golf court, it will be so much wonderful. Actually, this court only takes a simple side of the basketball court.

Basketball Court Graphics

Basketball court graphics

Personalize your basketball with wonderful graphic. No matter the size and pattern that will be applied, it creates more delightful court for you and your children. Just make it by your own self or ask somebody to help you.

Gorgeous Tennis Court

Gorgeous tennis court

Tennis court looks amazing for a big house style moreover, for you who love sport. This court can be one of your favorite places along weekend.  With green color which looks natural, this place can make you feel fresh and relax.

Textured Mats

Textured mats

Buy concrete at home improvement store and take as the material to build a textured mats. Whenever you want to make it clear, you only have to clean and move it somewhere. This design works well for a house though only have limited size of yard.

Contemporary Patio

Contemporary patio

With small backyard, you can create this contemporary patio with a basketball court there. Playing simple one-on-one shoot at morning is enough to keep your healthy. Then, you can ask your friend to play with you someday.

Traditional Court

Traditional court

This traditional court for playing basketball no need more budget. Whether you want to play basketball at morning or night, this place will make you feel comfort. Play alone or with some friends will be amazing and fun.

Hockey Rink Small Court

Hockey rink small court

Build a hockey rink at cold will be a brilliant idea to try. You can play hockey rink or only ice skating at this court every cold season. This idea works well at the northern areas which have extremely cold temperature.

Multi-Use Court

Multi-use court

How about this incredible multi-use court? The court provides you some games to be played by you and your family this holiday. Let your children play basketball, shuffleboard, bowling or tennis with their friend.



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