9 Kitchens With Glossy & Reflective Tiles

Mixed marbles
Mixed marbles

Kitchen is the space of your house that can have several different type of tiles, and they all will easily enhance your kitchen beautifully. Consider where it is going to go first when choosing kitchen tile. So for those who crave a touch of drama, a glossy backsplash can liven up a neutral-themed kitchen palette. Match high-shine tiles with lacquered countertops to achieve next-level decadence.

Before selecting the material, determine where the tile will be installed and of course, the budget. Make a concrete estimation that will be required for your kitchen. Now check out these 9 kitchens with glossy and reflective tiles below to inspire you. We feature some of our favorite glossy tile projects ranging from small to large format.

1. Black Beauty

Black beauty

This dark, ultra-contemporary kitchen by P&T Interiors features high-gloss cabinetry and tiles.

2. Warm Wood

Warm wood

A classic, country-style kitchen with leaded paned glass windows includes a hint of shine by Sarah Blank Design Studio.

3. Contemporary Palette

Contemporary palette

This uber-modern kitchen uses a mix of dark colors to make a statement. Adorable.

4. Tranquil Paradise

Tranquil paradise

This minimalist kitchen by Stefani Stein Inc. lets the materials speak for themselves. The materials are marble, tile, and oak.

5. Updated Classic

Updated classic

This cozy, classic kitchen from Laura Stein Interiors benefits from a burst of blue-gray.

6. Mixed Marbles

Mixed marbles

A mosaic floor, paired with marble countertops and two different tile styles, creates a chic melange of patterns in this contemporary kitchen by St. Charles of New York.

7. Countryside Escape

Countryside escape

A Lacanche range, glossy subway tiles and a custom range hood are stand-out features in a kitchen from Uma Stewart Interiors & Lifestyle.

8. A Hint of Blue

A hint of blue

In a Boston home, JN Interior Spaces designed a serene kitchen and dining space that lets the light in.

9. Posh Basics

Posh basics

A glossy, black-and-white kitchen by MA Allen Interiors is the pinnacle of luxury.


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