9 Double-Height Ceiling Kitchens That Bring Sweeping Drama

Arhitectural elements
Arhitectural elements

High ceiling gives a cooling effect to the space. When the hot air rises up, high ceiling gives more volume for the fresh air to circulate. It also helps to provide ample of light to enter the space. The effect of double high ceiling varies according to different space, so the advantages and disadvantages should be concentrated according to the space where it is used.

Double-height ceiling bring the drama into an interior like nothing else. Often reserved for living rooms or great rooms, this architectural feature can also create a big impact in the kitchen. If the idea of a kitchen with soaring ceilings excites you, these 8 double-height stunners will inspire you.

1. Sky-High Ceiling

Sky-high ceiling

A sky-high ceiling by Harrison design uses soaring ceilings for a dramatic effect in this modern farmhouse.

2. Innovative Rafters

Innovative rafters

This heavy timber beams offer an eclectic vibe in a kitchen by Wade Weissmann Architecture Inc.

3. Architectural Elements

Arhitectural elements

A shelving in this high-ceiling kitchen by Wade Design Architects add a unique detail in this kitchen space.

4. Splash of Color

Splash of color

Decorating the kitchen walls is entertaining and fun. And bright red walls update your neutral-toned space with wood ceilings.

5. Minimalist Details

Minimalist details

Use any space of your room perfectly. This minimalist kitchen add a layer of shelving and other details to break up the expansive wall space.

6. French Inspiration

French inspiration

A pale wooden beams will absolutely brighten up the white ceiling inspired by French-style kitchen.

7. Oceanside Retreat

Oceanside retreat

This nautical-themed kitchen relies on hints of metal and striped details from Payton Addison Interior Design Atelier.

8. Dark Woods

Dark woods

A dark kitchen by Charles Cunniffe Architects uses an unconventional range hood and duct to achieve an inspired look.

9. Colorful Impact

Colorful impact

This light wood accents kitchen looks unique with a touch of red chairs.


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