8 Stylish Accent Wall Design Ideas for Any Room

Urban sophisticate
Urban sophisticate

An accent walls can take your neutral room to new heights. These easy and stylish action will always be popular because of their flexibility. There are unlimited options, as well as other surfaces and materials. Even the location of it s purely personal. And another good news about it is it can be used in any room of your house.

As long as you have the right accents, don’t be shy to using bold color. Don’t forget that there is more to accent walls than just painting; tile, wallpaper, etc. Choose the right wall for your accent to transform the look of your room perfectly. Now check out these 8 stylish accent wall design ideas to inspire you below. Enjoy!

1. Pattern Play

Pattern play

These living room, shows that when it comes to mixing patterns, the old rules don’t necessarily apply. Mismatched patterns in the picture above create an eclectic vibe in this living room.

2. Elegant Neutrals

Elegant neutrals

Give your neutral space an elegant look by adding a marble accent wall that will craft a calm, luxurious environment.

3. Urban Sophisticate

Urban sophisticate

A leafy wallpaper brings bohemian elegance to your work space at home.

4. Fireplace Details

Fireplace details

This fireplace accent wall gives your space a chic look.

5. Modern Rustic

Modern rustic

A brick wall pairs well with mixed rug patterns in this living room by Jean Talbot Design.

6. Soft Green

Soft green

Accent walls are alive and well in the decorating industry. This family room included a green wall that complements the contemporary furnishings.

7. Purple Haze

Purple haze

A purple wall emphasizes the geometric artworks in a Manhattan bedroom from Allison Garcy Interiors.

8. Transformational Texture

Transformational texture

This room is designed by Mark P. Finlat Architects. This wood wall texture is stunning and unexpected.

9. Whimsical Vibes

Whimsical vibes

Geometric wallpaper and colorful drapery feel exuberant in this bedroom.


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