8 DIY Sofa Arm Table Ideas for Your Living Room Sofa

Diy flexible sofa wooden arm table
Diy flexible sofa wooden arm table

Living room is a place where you can do many things, and all you need is a comfort feel when spending your time in it. To make happen, you need to add something more to double up your fun and enjoyments. And all you need is a nice and useful sofa arm table that will suits your need. A DIY sofa arm table simply can be put on the sofa arms to hold the refreshments and other items of interest beautifully.

The good news about this DIY project is that you can make it at home without breaking your bank. Just recycle the wooden like pallet wood planks and put them together to make this side arm sofa. You can also add a side pocket and a flat wooden top in it. Check out these 8 DIY sofa arm tables below to bring a comfort feel to your space. Enjoy!

1. Brilliant Sofa Arm Table

Brilliant sofa arm table

Give your sofa a custom sofa arm table made of pine boards that also provides a holding to hold your TV remote or anything.

2. DIY White Sofa Arm Table

Diy white sofa arm table

Paint your DIY sofa arm rest with white to give an exclusive look to it. This DIY project is made of custom cut wooden planks.

3. Easy DIY Wooden Sofa Armrest Table

Easy diy wooden sofa armrest table

This U-shaped wooden sofa armrest table is perfect for you. The top of it also feature a built-in coffee cup holder that will make you easily put your your drink.

4. DIY Striped Sofa Arm Table

Diy striped sofa arm table

To make the white stripes of this DIY project, first cover the wood surfaces with horizontal bands of masking or painter’s tape and next spray paint your model in your favorite color.

5. Small DIY Sofa Arm Table


Small diy sofa arm table

A small U-shape wooden sofa table that sits nice on the armrest of the sofa.

6. DIY Sofa Armrest Side Table

Diy sofa armrest side table

This armrest side table is having an L-shape design and it offers an L-shape top that can easily hold your items.

7. DIY Wooden Tray Side Arm Table

Diy wooden tray side arm table

Just craft a wooden tray that will fit to armrest positions of a sofa and will serve as dashing side table.

8. DIY Flexible Sofa Wooden Arm Table

Diy flexible sofa wooden arm table

A flexible sofa wooden arm table that made of screen moldings which have been put together on a piece of sticky felt.


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