8 DIY Cushion Ideas To Upgrade Your Seating

Diy funny cushions pattern
Diy funny cushions pattern

If you want to add some fun to your seating area, throw some cushions! It is a smart way to bring some enticing colors to your space. Cushions in particular can add personality and inject new life into your space. But choosing the best cushion can be a pretty daunting task.

Cushion comes in variety of colors, shapes and textures, so to get the right choice, identify your color palette first. After that, decide on the number of cushions to add and choose the right size and shape mix. If you want a cushion that showing off your personality, check out these 8 DIY cushion ideas to upgrade your seating below. With this 8 examples, you can add some fab upholstered cushions to your chair berths and coach seats without getting expensive!

1. DIY Pink Shibori Cushions

Diy pink shibori cushions

The shibori trend is still going strong. Make your own shibori cushions to your white cotton and your new cushion is ready to beautify your seating.

2. DIY Window Seat Cushion

Diy window seat cushion

If you have a window with a solid surface beneath it, make a cozy, scenic seating. Place a cushion to sit made of your favorite fabric with foam inside. After it’s done, you can also add a throw pillow to your seating.

3. DIY Minky Cushions

Diy minky cushions

Be creative using your children’s drawing. Just scan and print it to the fabric and your personal cushion is ready.

4. DIY Funny Cushions Pattern

Diy funny cushions pattern

The first pillow is made of a potato stamp. Cut the potato and stamp it to the fabric. The second cushion, just sewed the bias tape on a spiral shape.

5. DIY Letter Cushion

Diy letter cushion

Make some letter cushions to customize your home using the initial of your name or anything.

6. DIY Cushion Covers

Diy cushion covers

The basic cushion cover is super easy to sew with no pattern, zippers or buttons.

7. Envelope Cushion

Envelope cushion

One of the easiest ways to freshen up your decor, without a ton of commitment, is to add new throw pillows to your sofa and making your own envelope pillow covers is a lot easier than you might think.

8. No-Sew Round Seat Cushions

No-sew round seat cushions

Just tore four strips of drop cloth (2 for each chair), each the same width and length. After placing the mats on the chairs, simply poked the drop cloth through the holes nearest the chair back and tied them around the chair backs!


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