9 Cozy and Classic Charm Stone Fireplace Ideas to Revive Your Space

Japanese clay fireplace
Japanese clay fireplace

Fireplace can be the focal point of your home. But before you choose, decide on the fireplace’s main purpose. Is it heat efficiency, aesthetics or a combination of both? If you want a fireplace with a classic charm, consider to choose stone fireplace.

A stone fireplace is classic, timeless and can easily elevated to revive your home. If you want an elegant and formal style fireplace, limestones offers the perfect choice. Or choose marble for a bright sleek look, slate for a more ‘rustic cottage’, or granite for a clean, contemporary look. Now  check out these 8 stone fireplace ideas below to inspire you.

1. Stacked Stone

Stacked stone

This stacked stone fireplace features blonde stacked stone backed by unfinished wood-paneled walls and an industrial-style flue. It is Designed by CCS Architecture.

2. Portuguese Basalt Mantel

Portuguese basalt mantel

The fireplace above consist of a custom mantel made from local basalt that creates a textural contrast against pale gray walls.

3. Scandinavian Stone Fireplace

Scandinavian stone fireplace

An effortless simplicity floods this Scandinavian-boho home with a Scandinavian stone fireplace, including a minimalist hearth that both stands out and blends in.

4. Modern Charcoal Stone Fireplace

Modern charcoal stone fireplace

A textured stone fireplace contrasts a fabric-covered, adjacent wall. Adorable!

5. Sky-High Stone Fireplace

Sky-high stone fireplace

In this house designed by Ken Fulk at Montana’s Yellowstone Club, the living area’s stone fireplace extends to the top of the vaulted ceilings.

6. High-Gloss Stone Fireplace

High-gloss stone fireplace

A serene living room in Oakland, California is grounded in a soothing palette, with a stone fireplace repainted in high-gloss black.

7. Stacked Flagstone Fireplace

Stacked flagstone fireplace

A massive modern fireplace surrounded by variegated stacked flagstone.

8. Preserved Stone

Preserved stone

A modern design home with a restored stone fireplace fuses old with new.

9. Japanese Clay Fireplace

Japanese clay fireplace

This modern mountain home adding a blackened steel mantel that surrounded by a wall of modern Japanese-style stone for their bedroom.


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