8 Well-Design Powder Room Ideas to Inspire you

Modern moroccan
Modern moroccan

Powder room is the perfect place to go big. Even though it is in a small space, it present the perfect opportunity to show off your design style. This room is the perfect place to experiment with color, so don’t be afraid to play in bright color. You can also add a backsplashes in it to brightening up your powder room.

Sometimes it’s just hard to find the perfect vanity for any of your bathrooms, if it’s so, repurpose your already-have furniture. Don’t forget to add mirror that suitable with your powder room. Check out these 8 well-design powder rooms below. If you need a bold statement, read this article to get some inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Modern Moroccan

Modern moroccan

This white and grey minimalist laundry room is infused with a doze of modern Moroccan styling; classic seamless Moroccan patterned wall and warm brassware. This room is look so sophisticated and give you a luxurious feel.

2. Grey Sophistication

Grey sophistication

The well-appointed room passed on the frills and loud colors, opting for stylish accents and dominant grey interiors.

3. Tropical Allure

Tropical allure

This powder room takes advantage of nature’s refreshing and exotic elements – cool bamboo walls, bare wood floors and a live orchid plant to add to the alluring ambience. Tropical interiors are warm, charming and relaxing.

4. Mirror Subway Tiles

Mirror subway tiles

Add a little flash and shine to expand your powder room by adding mirrors. This powder room is adding a subway mirror tiles that makes your space look classy and trendy.

5. Coppered Charm

Coppered charm

This modern powder room is gracefully subdued – muted color tones, clean lines and minimal decor. The copper basin glows a muted rich warmth and captures the cultured styling of the interiors. What a dainty, polished and elegant powder room!

6. Natural Elements

Natural elements

This powder room is features a wall of Aegean blue pebbles, a slab of rough-edged wood (counter) and a bowl of green grass.

7. Under the Stairs

Under the stairs

The space under the stair is just perfect for a well-appointed and well-planned powder room.

8. Refined Blues

Refined blues

The ornate blue wallpaper gives the powder room a regal and affluent feel.


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