8 Unique Christmas Tree Alternatives for The Anti-Pine

Fiberboard tree
Fiberboard tree

Christmas is almost coming, so it is time to bring a festive Christmas tree out. When choosing a Christmas tree, first of all, you need to measure the height of your ceiling. Don’t forget to account for the height of the stand and the area in which you plan to put your tree. If the tree is too tall, you may have to trim the top.

Choose a tree with an appealing shape that fits where you need and make sure that you know your budget and desire before you buy it. But if you are craving an annual switch-up, forget a real tree. Check out these 8 unique Christmas tree alternatives for the anti-pine below. There are plenty of cool ways to break free from the classic fir. Enjoy!

1. Scandinavian Modernist Tree

Scandinavian modernist tree

If you are into a minimalist decor, a bushy fir can kill the vibe. Opt for sleek geometric, like this simple three-layered cone shaped black and starry tree .

2. Branched Metal Tree

Branched metal tree

Give this metal tree a seasonal decor, and your simple Christmas tree is ready. The best thing about it is that you can use it in any season.

3. Shelf-Made Christmas Tree

Shelf-made christmas tree

Make this Christmas tree using your existing shelf space. All you need is gathering green items in a tree-like formation just in the picture above and don’t forget the topper.

4. Peg Board Tree

Peg board tree

To create this glowing Christmas tree, gather around a screws, plywood, sting and lights. So simple yet gorgeous at the same time.

5. Photo Tree

Photo tree

Personalize your decor by making this unique Christmas tree made of your family photos. You can still dress it up with some ornaments and tinsel.

6. Scandinavian-Inspired Plywood Christmas Tree

Scandinavian-inspired plywood christmas tree

Make a tree sketch on plywood, paint them and hang a Christmas tree decor to make this unique Christmas tree.

7. Merry Mirror


Merry mirror

Stacks green books, binders and drawers against your floor mirror, and creates a reflection effect for the full tree. This is an alternative Christmas tree that can be fun and functional.

8. Fiberboard Tree

Fiberboard tree

Shape the fiberboard into a triangle shape and hang your favorite Christmas ornament in it.


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