8 Elegant Christmas Tree Skirts to Elevate Your Home

8 elegant christmas tree skirts to elevate your home
8 elegant christmas tree skirts to elevate your home

Christmas tree skirts is not just to dress up your tree. Tree skirts hide unsightly tree stands and catch loose needles, too. There are variety of skirt; sizes and styles. When you are done selecting it, then you are able to settle on a style.

When selecting the tree skirts, determine the ideal size range of it by measuring the diameter of the Christmas tree stand and the diameter of the tree. Your Christmas tree skirt should larger than the diameter of the stand but smaller than the diameter of the outer branches of your tree. Your skirt should always completely cover the tree stand from view, if yours does not, it means that it’s too small. Now check out these 8 elegant Christmas tree skirts below to elevate your home. Enjoy!

1. Flax Snowflake Tree Skirt

Flax snowflake tree skirt

This elegant snowflake tree skirt can work perfectly with virtually any tree. The flax and polyester material makes it earthy yet durable.

2. Red Sequined Tree Skirt

Red sequined tree skirt

This sequined red skirt has a silky material that is equal parts elegant and fun. Closes in the back with 2 hook and loop fasteners and great for small Christmas tree.

3. Plaid Ruffle Border Tree Skirt

Plaid ruffle border tree skirt

This classical tree skirt lends a pastoral style that is reminiscent of a cozy country home. Place this classical Christmas tree skirt under your tree and your present will fit in great on it.

4. Reindeer Snowflake Tree Skirt

Reindeer snowflake tree skirt

This burlap Christmas tree skirt features a festive plaid trim and classic white Christmas graphic. The skirt is sprinkled with gold glitter for a twinkling holiday feel which looks more vibrant and festive and make the gift on it more attracting.

5. Floral Christmas Tree Skirt

Floral christmas tree skirt

This elegant tree skirt features a floral pattern that has a summery warmth that still feels appropriate for the holiday season.

6. Woodland Christmas Tree Skirt

Woodland christmas tree skirt

A handmade Christmas tree skirt made of cotton linen blend, linen lace and linen rope. Just remember that your tree need a cute skirt, too!

7. Forest Animals Christmas Tree Skirt

Forest animals christmas tree skirt

Make your space brighter with this cute Christmas tree skirt.

8. Jute Ruffle Rimmed Skirt

Jute ruffle rimmed skirt

This Christmas tree skirt boasts a ruffled border, lending a more feminine vibe for your holiday setup.


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