8 Bathroom Floor Design Ideas for Your Next Bathroom Upgrade

Sea green pebble tile
Sea green pebble tile

There are variety of bathroom tile on the market; color, finish, size, shape and style. So it is not a surprise that many people feel overwhelmed when selecting the perfect tile for your bathroom project. Whether it’s the renovation of an existing space or the new one, consider to keep size in mind. Weigh your options and select a size that works for your bathroom’s size and your lifestyle.

Most bathrooms probably have a few different tiles that are used together to create a cohesive look that still has visual interest. Try and limit yourself to no more than three different tiles. Especially in smaller spaces because too many tile types, colors, and sizes will seem overwhelming—but often using one single tile begs for a little bit of variety through an accent tile with a different size, finish, or color. Now take a look at these 8 bathroom floor design ideas below to inspire you.

1. Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds

Blue is cool and clean color that is also perfect contrast to the starkness of white. And the unusual diamond shape just like in the picture above is interesting.

2. Gold Slate Tiles

Gold slate tiles

Slate is one of the most popular material for bathroom floor ideas and designs. The natural stone and rich gold blush of this bathroom floor evokes rustic magnificence.

3. Etched Tile

Etched tile

The graceful olive branch pattern is mesmerising as it is stunning. This detail shows that a slip-free bathroom floors can also be beautiful.

4. Stone and Glass Mosaic

Stone and glass mosaic

Combine a stone and water jet mosaic to create elegance in your bathroom floor. Those combination offer texture, unique pattern and a tasteful hint of opulence.

5. Matte Black Hexagons

Matte black hexagons

Hexagon is an interesting shape, and this matte black hexagons gives your bathroom a modern, clean and no fuss.

6. Rustic Wood Tiles

Rustic wood tiles

In the picture above, the tiles are look like hardwood. The natural grains and warm toned of wood will effortlessly compliment the whites of your bathroom tiles on the wall.

7. Basketweave Tiles

Basketweave tiles

Bring in texture and interesting pattern with basketweave tiles.

8. Sea Green Pebble Tile

Sea green pebble tile

Add the comforting ambience of spa to your bathroom space with pebble tiles. This tiles add traction to the floor, fascinating texture and delightful color.


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