8 Bath Mat Ideas With Fantastic Design Patterns

Diy cedar bath mat
Diy cedar bath mat

Stepping outside from the bath with wet feet is annoying sometimes. The water will make the surface wet. And plus, it is dangerous because you can fell down because of it is slippery. Oh, no. You need a bath mat!

A good bath mat is the one that can absorb the water and also can beautify your bathroom space, too. There are variety of shape, design, shape and some of it also made of a unique materials. So, if you have also got boring the simple and towel style bathroom mats then time to spice up your bathroom decors with some new beautiful design of the bath mats that you can easily make at home without breaking the bank! Check out these 8 bath mat ideas with fantastic design patterns below to add a great flare to your bathroom decors. Enjoy!

1. DIY River Stone Bath Mat

Diy river stone bath mat

Bring the nature inside of your house and made it as a unique decor. To make this lovable bath mat, all you need is just a cheap plastic bath mat and a bunch of black river stone.

2. DIY Spa Bath Mat

Diy spa bath mat

This bath mat idea is so gorgeous. A stylish wooden spa-like mat made of a half dozen of the IKEA outdoor decking squares.

3. Wooden Bath Mat

Wooden bath mat

A bath mat is the need of your rooms due to the functional roles and the decor needs they come up too. And this chic and gorgeous bath made out of the wood to compliment your spaces.

4. DIY Cedar Bath Mat

Diy cedar bath mat

Bring a real spa-like feel to your bathroom spaces by adding this lovely and graceful wooden bath mat using the thin cut pieces of the cedar wood.

5. DIY Tabble Runner Bath Mat

Diy tabble runner bath mat

If you have a table runner that looks like a rug, recycle it as a great bath mat just like in the picture above. Just cut and sew it up as a new and functional bath mat for your bathroom.

6. DIY Loopy Bath Mat

Diy loopy bath mat

Creating a loop bath mat is the right thing to work on and bring the perfect knitted delight to your room spaces.

7. Easy DIY Wooden Bathmat

Easy diy wooden bathmat

The spa inspired bath mat is made out of some tiny and rustic stained wooden pieces and by holding the towels and the candles it would completely make your spaces look so peaceful and fun.

8. DIY Upcycled Bath Mat

Diy upcycled bath mat

If you have those old place mats, reuse them by stitching them together and creating this super cool and fitting bath mat for the bathroom.


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