7 Christmas Color Palette Alternatives to Cheer Up The Seasonal Holiday

Pure white
Pure white

Christmas is identical with red and green color. But if you are a little tired of it, scroll this page to get new idea of holiday decor color scheme. You have to know that there are so many pretty and festive ways to use color (except red and green) when decorating your space. It is time to break out the old rut with pretty Christmas color schemes that will wow your guests.

We found 7 Christmas color palette alternatives to cheep up the seasonal holiday below. Don’t forget that you can let the year-round vibe of your home influence your adornments. Get bold and introduce a fresh new theme of your home that will surprise your guests. Remember that it is always a good idea to try something new. Enjoy!

1. Pure White

Pure white

Create an indoor winter wonderland color theme. Try a white artificial Christmas tree and dress it with Christmas lights, white garlands and a few ornaments. You can also add a white candles with various sizes. Remember to focus on the beauty of white.

2. Black, White and Gold

Black, white and gold

Black and white is a classical color combination, but it’s totally unconventional when int comes to Christmas decoration. This color is truly gorgeous and trendy. Add a festive spirit, sprinkle lavishly with gold. Christmas ornaments, decorative pieces, candles, ribbons and any other small items in gold and gold-yellow will glitter and shine against the somewhat hard-line bi-color background of black and white, to bring lots of joy and cheer.

3. Green and Brown

Green and brown

Green and brown theme honors nature in its superb raw beauty. This color scheme is the best option for you who wants to create a delightful rustic ambiance, cozy feel and peace of mind. Just decorate your space with natural wood, green or blue fir branches, pine cones, brown paper, burlap, and many more.

4. Blue and Purple

Blue and purple

The blue tree decorations and purple baubles generously invite silver and golden accents, too. So, for even more royal splendor and cheerful holiday spirit, glitter it all up by adding golden or silver elements against the colorful blue-and-purple background.

5. Purple and Gray

Purple and gray

Purple and grey is another unusual color scheme for Christmas decoration that has some magical fairy tale beauty and feel, which matches so perfectly the spirit of the holidays.Christmas gifts wrapped in shiny silverish paper, under a Christmas tree decorated in purple and grey, is a true fairy tale!

6. Multicolor


The trick to make this fabulous color scheme is to cover your Christmas tree all from top to bottom in a multicolor blast of colorful Christmas ornaments, ribbons, bows, feathers, and painted thin branches.

7. Ombre


The ombre color scheme is a hot trend this year in all aspects, so why not apply it into the Christmas decoration?


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