8 DIY Hanging Shelves that Give A Huge Impact to Your Space

Marble hanging shelf
Marble hanging shelf

Having a lot of stuff while only have small space is quite frustrating sometimes. But worry not, there are so many ways that you can do to solve it. And installing some hanging shelves are one of a good solution for you. Hanging shelf is great for small space because you can stack them everywhere and they also fits well to fill your awkward corner.

Hanging shelf is easy and affordable shelving options that can give your space a huge good impact. There are variety of it that is so unique and appealing than many other shelving options. Now check out these 8 hanging shelves to your space below. We guarantee that hanging shelves can be just as decorative as anything else. Enjoy!

1. DIY Round Hanging Shelves

Diy round hanging shelves

Even making a round hanging shelf is a bit tricky, but the result will really blow your mind. Make it by yourself by repurposing an existing wooden circle pieces and hang it in a spot that you want.

2. Unfinished Wood DIY Hanging Shelves

Unfinished wood diy hanging shelves

Just take an advantage of your vertical storage space to hang this adorable triangular shelf. Triangular hanging shelf is unique and give your space a fabulous look. You can go not only with one shelf.

3. Hanging Shelf with Circular Cutouts

Hanging shelf with circular cutouts

This shelf has some circular cutouts to hold your greenery pots. To make this hanging shelf, all you need is just a few wooden bead accents and some paints. Just paint it with your favorite color or a color that can blend well with entire style of the space.

4. Marble Hanging Shelf

Marble hanging shelf

If you have a leftover marble tile, transform it into this luxury hanging shelf. You can make this good looking hanging shelf only in 10 minutes.

5. DIY Hanging Rope Shelves

Diy hanging rope shelves

If you need more space to store your stuff, these DIY hanging rope shelves are a great solution for you. And the best thing about it is that they barely cost anything to make.

6. DIY Rustic Hanging Shelf

Diy rustic hanging shelf

This rustic hanging shelf do really upgrade your corner. This project is made out of a real wood cutting that gives you a rustic feel and yes, they fill your corner space greatly.

7. Rustic Wood and Leather Hanging shelf

Rustic wood and leather hanging shelf

This rustic hanging shelf is its embracing of its worn materials-the weathered look of the wood and leather belts are part of the design. If you hate watching a hole in the wall, this one is good for you because it require minimal drilling into it.

8. DIY Hanging Shelf to Store Kid’s Stuff In Style

Diy hanging shelf to store kid's stuff in style

This stylish hanging shelf do makes your kid’s room a bit clutter-free.


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