8 Fantastic Bathroom Stone and Tile Ideas You should Know

Marble tile
Marble tile

Bathroom is one of important space to consider at home. Just like you treat your living room or bedroom, you should think carefully about your bathroom, too. To make your bathroom comfortable enough, you need to choose tiles that perfect with your style. But before selecting which one is the best, here are some tips to consider.

Tile comes in all shape, sizes and prices, so first of all, determine your budget so you will have a variety options to choose from. Choose a color scheme that suitable with your style and consider the tile size. With the budget and color scheme that you already consider before, finalize your bathroom look. Now check out these 8 fantastic bathroom stone and tile ideas below to inspire your own bathroom. Enjoy!

1. Stone Sink

Stone sink

add a natural element to your bathroom space with this gorgeous stone sink. This bathroom have a nice combination of it and also, the limestone pavers give your bathroom a rustic feel.

2. Stone Tile Shower

Stone tile shower

This imperfect look of stone tile fits well with this rustic style bathroom. To withstand moisture, install the stone tile over a waterproof membrane.

3. Ceramic Tile Shower

Ceramic tile shower

The shower wall covered with a tiny Italian ceramic tiles and the pebble-shape tiles’ nature-inspired hue provide the neutral color scheme.

4. Marble and Glass

Marble and glass

A high quality materials is absolutely adds elegance to your bathroom. In the picture above, a luminous expanses of white marble surround the tub, a deep-blue glass tile on the wall gives your bathroom a calming feel just like at the spa.

5. Marble Tile

Marble tile

This bathroom boast a sophisticated while still look traditional only with a perfect combination of white marble, curvaceous tub and a freestanding cabinet.

6. Marble Tile Shower

Marble tile shower

A blue-green tumbled-marble tiles in the shower stall gives your bathroom the natural, soothing appeal.

7. Mosaic tile

Mosaic tile

Mixing colors and styles of tile creates a high-end look. As you can see in the picture above, this bathroom has a wide bands of mosaic tile on the walls and the floor provide textural interest. Large beige-marble floor tiles balance the vibrant colors of the walls and cabinetry.

8. Marble Tile Styles

Marble tile styles

A lustrous polished-marble tiles with classic gray veins cover the shower walls. A panel of diamond-set tumbled-marble tiles provides visual variation. Perfect.


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