8 Edgy Terazzo Decor Ideas to Beautify Your Bathroom Space

Stylish terazzo
Stylish terazzo

Terazzo has been growing a lot and it is easy to see why. Terazzo has a unique look and also has a low-maintenance perks, that is why many people loves it. Terazzo is a unique material that can be used in residential bathroom. There are tons of advantages that go hand-in-hand by choosing it.

Terazzo is a great alternative to stone and marble because it cheaper than both of it. With many looks and color, terazzo looks stylish and eye-catching and suitable for indoors and even outdoors. But it often used in bathroom because terazzo is durable and water-resistant. Now check out these 8 edgy terazzo decor ideas to beautify your bathroom space below. Enjoy!

1. Terazzo in Wall and Floor

Terazzo in wall and floor

This bathroom is spotted with colorful terrazzo that covers the walls, the floor and even shelves.

2. Terazzo with Wood

Terazzo with wood

Terazzo floors go well with almost everything. Yes, wood. As you can see in the picture above, colorful terazzo with large spots on the walls and floors match well with wood clad bathtub.

3. Textural


White, grey and black terrazzo on the walls looks cute and textural together.

4. Terazzo in Minimalist Bathroom

Terazzo in minimalist bathroom

Terazzo also can be use in minimalist bathroom. As you can see in the picture above, grey and white terazzo tiles on the floor looks great and make your bathroom space look stylish. Perfect.

5. Terazzo with Pop Of Color Vanity

Terazzo with pop of color vanity

Look at this adorable modern bathroom. Grey, black and white terrazzo on the floor and partly on the wall plus an ultra-violet vanity is also great combination. The ultra-violet vanity become the focal point that match well with the terazzo.

6. Modern Bathroom with Terazzo

Modern bathroom with terazzo

This neutral terrazzo with grey spots looks very airy and modern interesting than just white surfaces. Agree?

7. Stylish Terazzo

Stylish terazzo

Terrazzo in the shades of green and grey looks stylish, edgy and calming at the same time.

8. Terazzo with Clean Lines

Terazzo with clean lines

A freestanding bathtub with white, blue and purple terazzo can also blend well with some clean lines just like in the picture above.


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