8 DIY Coasters That Will Protect The Surface In Style

8 diy coasters that will protect the surface in style
8 diy coasters that will protect the surface in style

Have you ever think about having a good coasters at your home? Coasters is an item that will protect your style. It is not only useful, but coasters can also give your space a plus point in style. That is why, having a good coasters is a must.

Coasters will save your furniture from getting damaged. It will also add a nice pop of color to your table. If you need the one that match well with your personality, a DIY coasters is a great things to do instead of buying a set. Check out these 8 DIY coasters that will protect the surface of your table in style below.

1. Mason Jar Lid Coasters

Mason jar lid coasters

In DIY project, mason jar will always become the star. Don’t you ever dare to throw away your mason jar lid. Make use of it and turn them into coasters by adding a little paint and cork.

2. Felt Citrus Coasters

Felt citrus coasters

Make this bright coasters with a spring felt bundle and summer will be in your home for all year long. You can easily find s citrus coaster template on the internet. These bright citrus slice will protect your tables and brighten up your day.

3. Corkboard Coasters

Corkboard coasters

If you have a leftover cork, and paint, try this project. Paint your leftover cork with a color that you have. Just like in the picture above, some striped coasters is made of the ingredients that we mention before. Stunning!

4. Tile Coasters

Tile coasters

If you have some leftover patterned tile, you can also use it as a coasters. This tile coasters are definitely the strongest one and also can add an instant beauty to your table.

5. Wooden Pallet Coasters

Wooden pallet coasters

If you are craving for a rustic look, this wooden pallet coasters is the one. Do a little craft of your shipping pallets by making this wooden pallet coasters.

6. Clay Coasters

Clay coasters

Give your plain clay a simple drawing and use it as a coasters.

7. Botanical Wood Slices

Botanical wood slices

Give your wood slices a sweet botanical pattern. Print out your favorite botanical picture in wax paper and transfer it into the wood slice. And your cute botanical wood slice coasters is ready to accompany your drink session.

8. Marbled Clay Coasters

Marbled clay coasters

Give your plain clay a mix of different colors to get this beautiful and elegant marbled coasters.


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