8 Creative DIY Projects to Celebrate Christmas Using Dollar Store Items

8 creative diy projects to celebrate christmas using dollar store items
8 creative diy projects to celebrate christmas using dollar store items

Christmas is almost coming. It is a great time to enjoy your precious moments with family and friends. And of course you need to give your home a great decoration. Worry not, you don’t have to spend a fortune to decorate your space for Christmas. There are plenty of simple DIY projects that you can make.

Yes, DIY projects do really helps you to give your space a festive look. You don’t need to buy new stuff, just use what you’ve got. Check out these 8 creative DIY projects to celebrate Christmas using dollar store items below. These ideas is super easy but it will turn out adorable.

1. Winter Vases

Winter vases

Just turn your dollar store cylinder glass vases into festive winter vases. All you need is adding snow effects by applying Snow Tex to the glass vases. Dip the brush into the paint and apply a generous amount on the glass then dab it across the surface. The white snow effect against the clear vase allows you to pair them with just about any accent color, making them easy to customize for different people and easy for the recipient to change down the road.

2. Handwritten Decorated Dollar Store Plates

Handwritten decorated dollar store plates

Prepare a paint markers and a dollar store white plate to make your plain plate more attractive. To make it more personalize, you can write names or special text or even images.

3. Dollar Store Framed Reindeer Silhouettes

Dollar store framed reindeer silhouettes

If you are looking for a quick way to create a super fast but awesome decor, this DIY project is the one for you. All you need is some sparkly, glittery reindeer, frames, foam mount stickers and scissors. This artwork can be put on your fireplace mantel.

4. Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath

Dollar store snowflake wreath

Make and hang this cute wreath to your front door only with a couple packs of snowflake ornaments (varying sizes), basic wreath form, ribbon, glue and gun. This snowflake wreath one is extremely simple to make.

5. Glitter Candlesticks

Glitter candlesticks

Give your old candlesticks a new look by applying a layer of tacky glue over the surface sprinkle it with glitter.

6. Paper Cube String Lights

Paper cube string lights

Give your string lights something special by adding an origami boxes to it to get an elegant and fun Christmas tree lights.

7. Dollar Tree Snow Village

Dollar tree snow village

Transform this little house into a gorgeous snow village by painting entire house with white and white glitter.

8. Handmade Star Wire Ornament

Handmade star wire ornament

Make a template of stars in a piece of wood, line the pieces of wire up and create one bundle with them until it looks like a star, and your unique ornaments is ready to beautify your Christmas tree.


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