8 Best Pine Cone Crafts for Winter Decorations

8 best pine cone crafts for winter decorations
8 best pine cone crafts for winter decorations

If you want to decorate your space with something that will bring nature indoor, consider to choose pine cones. Decorating with pine cones is an easy and affordable and they match with any decor style. You can easily find it in almost any spot outdoors. Since the Christmas is almost coming into the town, pine cone is definitely suitable for it.

Fresh pine cones are beautiful as an addition to your home decor. Don’t forget to remove any debris or pine needles stuck on the pine cones. After that, washed and partially dried pine cones and fully oven them. If the pine cone is ready, it is time to decorate your space with pine cone craft and get some inspiration with these 8 ideas below. Enjoy!

1. Pinecone Garnish

Pinecone garnish

Give your space a smell of Christmas with this pine cone garnish. Make this adorable bundle of branches using a heavy-duty floral wire to wrap everything together and drape it on a bare wall with a command strip.

2. Grapevine Wreath

Grapevine wreath

If you need a nature decor for your fireplace, this grapevine wreath made of cones, flowers and fresh pine is a great item for it. If you have a small space, opt for a small pine cones, and the big one for big space.

3. Bleached Pinecone Arrangement

Bleached pinecone arrangement

Lighten up your pine cone with some bleach or warm white paint and put it in a wooden tray. This one is a great option for you who think that their rich brown hue feels too dark for your Christmas decoration.

4. Pinecone Fireplace Decorations

Pinecone fireplace decorations

Make a unique garland for your fireplace with a mixed-cone in braided picture-hanger wire.

5. Pine cone Ornaments

Pinecone ornaments

Hang a pine cone with a colorful ribbon to your chandelier to brighten up your space. Adorable.

6. Pinecone Snap Ornament

Pinecone snap ornament

Prepare a simple plastic snap-together sphere filled with pine cones and evergreen to make this adorable snow globe-inspired ornaments.

7. Snowy Pinecone Mason Jar Candles

Snowy pinecone mason jar candles

Light up your space with these mason jar votive. All you need is just a jar of snow texture paint, lace, twine, salt and of course, pine cones.

8. Pinecone Topiary

Pinecone topiary

Cover a large styrofoam ball with a garbage bag and use a hot-glue gun to stick on as many pine cones as it takes to cover the base. Finish off the statement piece with white spray paint and let dry.


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