8 Affordable Rustic Christmas Ornaments That Is Easy To Make It Yourself

8 affordable rustic christmas ornaments that is easy to make it yourself
8 affordable rustic christmas ornaments that is easy to make it yourself

If you want to create a rustic space for your Christmas decoration, then you are come in the right page. Here you will understand how to decorate your home using nature perfectly. Give your space a rustic vibe can be quite expensive. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to make it and of course, it is affordable.

To make an affordable rustic Christmas ornaments is so easy. All you need is just a little creativity and some DIY. Check out these 8 Rustic Christmas ornaments that is easy to make it yourself below. With one of these way, having a gorgeous and unique Christmas tree is not only a dream. Enjoy!

1. Twine Ball Christmas Ornament

Twine ball christmas ornament

Blow up balloons to the right size you want the twine ball to be, and soak it in the glue. Wrap the twine around the balloon, let them dry and pop the balloon. After removing the balloon, you can decorate it by adding a bell and ribbon.

2. Rustic Fabric Christmas Ornament

Rustic fabric christmas ornament

Attach small piece of twine in a loop shape on the top of ball using the glue and cover it with fabric, continue until the ball is covered all with it. Wrap some of the twine around the center for decoration, and your rustic fabric Christmas ornament is ready to rock your Christmas tree.

3. Patchwork Stars

Patchwork stars

If you are a truly DIY-er, this star ornaments made of a wood is the best project that you need to follow.

4. Rustic Wood Snowflake Ornaments

Rustic wood snowflake ornaments

Cut the stencils into individual snowflakes and place it on the wood round. Dab the paint, remove the stencil, let it dry, add the string, and enjoy!

5. Twig Christmas Ornaments

Twig christmas ornaments

Bring a touch of nature indoors with this simple, inexpensive and beautiful twig Christmas ornaments.

6. Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

Cinnamon stick ornaments

This cinnamon stick ornament is so cute and also will give your space a rustic vibe and good fragrant.

7. Pine Cone Bow Ornament

Pine cone bow ornament

Pine cone with ribbon? It is so simple but nice!

8. Rustic Sweater Star Ornament

Rustic sweater star ornament

This DIY rustic star ornaments made of your old sweater add a simple, rustic touch that is so lovable.


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