8 Gorgeous Christmas Centerpiece Ideas to Wow your Family and Guests

8 gorgeous christmas centerpiece ideas to wow your family and guests
8 gorgeous christmas centerpiece ideas to wow your family and guests

When entertaining your family and friends during Christmas, you need a good centerpieces. Christmas centerpiece is a good way to show off your creative skills. There are varieties of Christmas centerpiece ideas to highlight your own personality and style. And yes, it is perfect for almost any room in your home.

To get the best Christmas centerpiece, you need a good planning. Figure out every single pieces that you need to create your own. Think about the ornaments, linens, baskets, serving pieces, bowls and others. Now check out these 8 gorgeous Christmas centerpiece ideas below to get a beautiful yet easy to make table decorations of your own. Enjoy!

1. Mason Jar

Mason jar

If you are on a budget, this mason jar centerpiece is the one for you. Starts with collecting recycled glass jars and fill them with greenery, berries, branches, and even a glitter.

2. Seasonal Produce

Seasonal produce

If you hate a complicated centerpiece, fresh seasonal fruit can be a great display. Fill the seasonal fruits in a low bowl and add an oversize red blooms to get the red Christmas vibe.

3. Cranberries and Candles

Cranberries and candles

Line a rectangular tray with some candles and complete it with fresh cranberries dusted with sanding sugar and greenery.

4. Glass and Glitter

Glass and glitter

Create this lovely mini Christmas centerpiece with a glass with a gold glitter paint and fill it with candles and poinsettia flowers.

5. Potted Plant

Potted plant

Put a small spruce and plant in a cheery red pot and bring in to the table, and your Christmas centerpiece is done.

6. Ornament Bouquet

Ornament bouquet

You know what? Flowers are not the only things that can fill a vase. Yes, you can also make a unique ornament bouquet to be your unique Christmas centerpiece. Remove the silver hanging caps from a variety of ball ornaments and cut florists foam to fit the bottom vase, then stick one end into the ball ornament with florists wire and the other end down into the florists foam. Attached to the foam and fill in with cut greenery and berry branches.

7. Mini Tree

Mini tree

Place a mini tree in a low galvanized bucket and top it with ornaments, lights and a sprinkle of faux snow for a winter wonderland.

8. Tissue Paper

Tissue paper

Tissue paper centerpiece? YES! Fill a tall bowl with handmade tissue paper pom-poms or flowers, add a pillar candle in a clear vase and finish with metallic ball ornaments.


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