8 Amazingly Beautiful Summer Flower Arrangements


Summer is not always about beach and lemonade, it is also about the joy and the spirit. Actualize the spirit of your summer into a flower arrangement to brighten your home. Flower arrangements not only add to the beauty of your home, but also make your mood better.

Lushing Green

Flower 1
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Green is the color that gives the fresh impression on the room. This flower arrangement is best placed in the bedroom to give a cool feeling on a hot day.

Hello Yellow

Flower 2
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Yellow is a color that is identical with a cheerful summer. Place this arrangement in your living room as a warm welcome for your guests.

Tropical Vibes

Flower 3
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Bring a tropical spirit to your home with this tropical flower arrangement. There are some tropical flowers you can easily get include: bird of paradise, heliconia, hibiscus and orchid.

Rainbow on Vase

Flower 4
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Rainbows never fail to delight, and neither will this impressive design. Rearranging them by color is a genius way to make a generic bunch look much more impressive.

Ocean Breeze

Flower 5
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Too lazy to go to the beach is not a reason not to enjoy the beach. You can use shells as vases. Add the plants, fill with white sand and rocks, and display them in the middle of the table.

Wild and Free

Flower 6

Source : PinterestBeautiful wild flowers too good to pass up. You can arrange it randomly and put it into mason jar. This arrangement gives a spontaneous impression like a pleasant surprise.

Beautiful In White

Flower 7
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If you want some peace in the heat of summer, the white flower arrangement is the answer.

Water Lily Pond

Flower 8
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Some tropical aquatic plants, such as the water lily, get their nutrients from water and require no soil to thrive. Simply stacking rocks at the base of a glass vase and add water limited to leaves. Water elements also add freshness to the room.


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