Pineapple Decor Ideas Bring Tropical Vibes To Our Homes


The pineapple game is still strong this year. This sweet tropical fruit inspires us in its effect on anything interior design-related. You’d be surprised how many variations of pineapple decor there are and we’ve only started to dig into this idea. If you love pineapple as much as we do, let it inspire your home decor and put it on your walls and shelves rather than on pizza.

Pineapple In Living Room

Pineapple 1
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With a body designed in the shape of a pineapple, this side table will bring a welcoming hint of island living to any space.

Pineapple 2
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A simpler addition to your front porch is a pineapple welcome mat. Flowers and pineapple? Of course! because it’s summer.

Pineapple 11
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There are many shapes of candle holder that you can choose out there, but we like this. The golden colors and towering leaves make it an elegant decor

Pineapple 13
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Keep your favorite books organized with this driftwood style pineapple bookends. The faint looks make this bookend look antique. This is suitable for those of you who want to try pineapple decoration but do not want to be too flashy.

Pineapple In Bedroom

Pineapple 12
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We love the idea of bringing the outside fun into our room. This sheets has pineapple and tropical flower motifs as if it will take us to relax on the beach while enjoying the sea breeze that blows the palm leaves.

Pineapple 14
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Now we know that the scales on the pineapple can also serve as a beautiful jewelry display.

Pineapple 15
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Say hello to this pineapple-chan, a kawaii night lamp that will accompany your sleep at night and fight the monster under your bed.

Pineapple In Kitchen

Pineapple 3
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Accompanied by a cheerful pineapple, of course, makes you want to spend your summers in the kitchen to experiment with different recipes and serve them to your family.

Pineapple 4
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Looking for a way to bring the beach into your morning coffee? Try picking up a pineapple mug with dozens of tropical accent styles. These are mostly all handmade with custom paint jobs and varying decals. You can find a ton of variety out there and so many of these mugs would go great with any meal.

Pineapple 6
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One other party staple is the napkin ring that fits so nicely on fancy folded napkins. These napkin rings all come with different pineapple shapes and styles. They’re perfect for parties at home and grabbing attention from guests who have never seen anything quite like this before.

Pineapple 7
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A pair of pineapple as a friend as you enjoy your meal.

Pineapple In Bathroom

Pineapple 5
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If your bathroom looks ordinary, then it is time to raise the game by using a pineapple bath set. Elegant gold color combined with a fancy shape, of course, instantly make your bathroom extraordinary.

Pineapple 8
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Make your bathing time as a time to restore the spirit with fresh pineapple colors.

Pineapple 9
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Where is the right place to store a toothbrush? The answer is inside a pineapple.

Pineapple 10
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Yes there are tons of unique bath towels with pineapple prints on them. Some are meant for kids, others for larger beach/bath towels, but there’s a ton to choose from.



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