8 Fascinating Pillow That Will Spark Up Your Summer Spirit


Updating your pillows is the easiest way to give your space a fresh look without having to upend the scheme you’ve already put together. An artfully scattered pillow is the best way to bring personality to your living space, try out a new idea or pull a scheme together with carefully selected colors or prints. So start bolstering with these beauties – as we round up the best cushions for sofas, bedrooms and more.

Palm Leaves

Pillow 1
Source : Pinterest

Palms are a the signal for sun and sea and vacation, right? So putting some on your couch will get you in the mood to relax, and the green color provides freshness for your room.

Ombre Watermelon

Pillow 2
Source : Pinterest

There are many ways to enjoy the freshness of watermelon in summer, one of which is to put it in your room. This ombre pillows in coral fade to mint is a way to enjoy the watermelon without removing the seeds.

Golden Pineapple

Pillow 3
Source : Pinterest

The pineapple trend has been around since last summer and we still stuck with them. The delicious fruit seems to be on everything from beach towels to patterned curtains. Get your pineapple fix with a gorgeous gold pillow like this one.

I Scream Ice Cream

Pillow 4
Source : Pinterest

Watching TV series while enjoying the ice is a lazy thing you can do during summer break. Give yourself comfort with a pillow with a line from one of a popular TV series.


Pillow 5
Source : Pinterest

It’s a fact that succulents still a hot trend nowadays. So when we’re covering our homes with them, it makes sense that we would cover our couch with them too. But a softer version than the real thing.

Very Summer

Pillow 6
Source : Pinterest

How to summarize your summer in one thing? Of course with this pillow! This pillow is so summer that you can’t handle it.

Summer Flops

Pillow 7
Source : Pinterest

Boots for winter are like slippers for summer. This is a good way to lift your sandals onto your sofa or bed.

Tropical Vibes

Pillow 8
Source : Pinterest

What is the meaning of summer without the colorful flowers that bloom? If the bouquet of flowers can not be enjoyed throughout the season, then you should replace it with a more soft and tender floral arrangement.


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