Easy and Simple DIY Furniture Ideas to Upgrade Your Room

Easy and simple diy furniture ideas to upgrade your room

DIY Furniture helps you to hold your budget. By having basic carpentry skill, you can change old things to be more useful. Sometimes, DIY projects can be more hassle than they’re worth. Furthermore, you need to think more before doing a DIY project. Make sure, it will be used to ease you and make your house looks prettier.

DIY Stikwood Headboard

Diy stikwood headboard

Beautify your bed by creating your own bed. A stikwood headboard also brings traditional view to your bedroom. Feel free how you will design this stikwood but make sure it will look amazing.

DIY Mid Century Modern Sofa Table

Diy mid century modern sofa table

Make this super simple top out of poplar wood. With single poplar wood, it can create a unique sofa table look. Have this for your room and bring a delighted look.

DIY Urban Outfitters Inspired Wooden Dowel

Diy urban outfitters inspired wooden dowel

This is a bohemian look chair for you to sit and enjoy the season every day. Just prepare some woods to make the chair. Make a hole to unite each wood and use rope to make it stronger.  Add pillows for seating.

DIY Industrial Pipe Shelving

Diy industrial pipe shelving

Having this unconventional shelves bring you to live at industrial era. Just prepare unused pipes and cut them into some parts. It needs more time but less budget to have an amazing shelves. Add a touch of painting at the end will upgrade the look.

DIY Sliding Barn Door

Diy sliding barn door

Make a sliding door may be look complicated. However, this is the alternative to create different style and save the space. It works well to be applied for a cabinet door. It can be used to hide your secret room as well.

DIY Tufted Ottoman

Diy tufted ottoman

If you have skill to make this tufted Ottoman, make it for your coffee table. Buy this unique table will cost much. Put on a planter and any ornament you like to upgrade the look.

DIY Marble and Gold Table

Diy marble and gold table

Hold your snacks and drinks at this pretty table. The unique design makes this table is attractive to be place at your living room. Don’t worry! It doesn’t require more space. Just put on corner of your room and it will so much helpful for you.

DIY Daybed

Diy daybed

Get this insanely comfortable furniture for getting rest soon! Prepare some plain woods and screw them carefully. Make sure it strong enough to hold your body. Add some pillows to make it looks beautiful. Feel free to choose the color and pattern as you like.



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