Splendid Ceiling Designs for Living Room to Inspire You

Splendid ceiling designs for living room to inspire you

Though ceiling is a little part of a house, but it plays an important role. When you change the color or design of your ceiling, it will dramatically improve the room design. So, pay attention more on your ceiling.  Here are some ceiling decoration ideas that may inspire you;

Wood-Beamed Ceilings

Wood-beamed ceilings


Combining bricks wall with wood-beamed ceiling gives more textural interest towards your room. White will be matched to any color you have, included the brick color. Take this wonderful ceiling decoration to improve your family room appearance.

Coffered Ceiling

Coffered ceiling

Coffered ceiling comes with its traditional style for a big or small houses. Though this is a country look ceiling, but you can apply this style for your modern house design as well. Feel free to choose the color, but white looks better.

Ceiling with Lighting

Ceiling with lighting

If you love a funky decor, this ceiling style may be look interesting to you. With its simple lighting, this ceiling comes with its own character. The geometric lines bring this room look cool and charming.

Crown Molding

Crown molding

This ceiling style will be fit any room style you have. It will relax your mind by seeing the design which is cozy and calm. You are pleased to choose other colors for painting this living room ceiling, but bright color will make it fresh.

Add Beams

Add beams

Adding beams do not only function to pretty up the ceiling, but also help it to be stronger.  Here, beams also play role as the vocal interest of this ceiling design. The existence chandelier make the beams has more function.

Orange Plain Ceiling

Orang plain ceiling

Applying a bit of orange at plain ceiling will dramatically change the look. This bright color gives a charming look for simple ceiling. The use of natural color furniture brings this ceiling into harmony.

White Paneled Ceiling

White paneled ceiling

If you have farmhouse style, this white paneled ceiling will make it cozy and rustic. This style also can be applied at modern house as well to create balance look. Your living room will be looked larger than its actual size.

High Ceiling with T-Bar Beams

High ceiling with t-bar beams

High ceiling will reduce hot weather on your room. The role of T-bar beams is to keep it strong. White color applied for this ceiling design in order to avoid messy. T-bar beams can be used to hang lamp and or chandelier.

Patterned Ceiling

Patterned ceiling

Upgrade the beauty of your family room by applying patterned ceiling! You can paint it or wallpaper it as you like. Installing a tile mosaic to give outstanding patterned ceiling will be great idea.






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