Attractive Purple Bedroom Ideas to Feel Extra Cozy

Attractive purple bedroom ideas to feel extra cozy

Some people love purple. This color looks calm and soft to be used as room painting. The purple shades also give softer touch for a room just like lilac and velvet. Combining those colors for a bedroom bring us to feel extra cozy. Here we have some ideas to use purple for your bedroom without make it looks dark. Furthermore, you need to add your own creation for upgrading your purple bedroom look.

Try A New Texture

Try a new texture

Try this sexy purple bedroom to get unforgettable moment. Dark wooden bed frame comes attractive with silky purple bedding will make you feel comfortable along the night. Take this as your bedroom style may impact your life.

Go Full Femme

Go full femme

This bedroom looks wonderful designed for your daughters. Layers of natural linen with magenta fabric create warmer atmosphere. This is an extra cozy bedroom for girl that will keep your budget on the track.

Skirt The Issue

Skirt the issue

Choose purple for your carpet, headboard, chair, and throw will calm your mind. Adding a pop color for bed skirt create more comfortable look. This is the way to give different touch without change the core of purple bedroom.

Ditch The Urge To Go Play It Safe

Ditch the urge to go play it safe

Millennial lilac is a new trend this era. Make it more relaxing by adding pastel color is great idea. Then, give a touch of bright color such as orange for the side table will add something attractive to your view.

Switch Up Your Seating

Switch up your seating

When you choose a neutral color for your bed, a touch of velvet seating gives another perspective. This bedroom looks soft and relaxing. Try this for your bedroom will bring your mind calmer.

Mix Prints, Play It Safe With The Headboard

Mix prints, play it safe with the headboard

Hummingbird wallpaper works well with purple headboard to create amazing look for your bedroom. Furthermore, purple throw and pillow get ready to make your room more stunning. This is a perfect design for spring.

Think Beyond Your Bedding

Think beyond your bedding

Twin bed always asks you to think more about the design. It will look monotonous when you don’t put something eye catching there. Here, you can use an over scale print to cover the headboard to create more impact.

Look Up

Look up

Applying purple lattice for ceiling create attractive view for your bedroom. It gives nice impact rather than paint the wall in purple. This design keeps the room bright to let the wall in white. A touch of purple bed frame creates more genius look.




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