Adorable DIY Backyard Pond Ideas to Upgrade Your Yard

Adorable diy backyard pond ideas to upgrade your yard

Make your dream to have a pond come true! It can be made by yourself at your backyard or front yard as you like. Pay attention to choose the best time to make it, because it will take long hours and will be frustrating sometimes.

Having a backyard pond will fresh your mind from any stressful thing from outside. Seeing the waterfall will make you relax and calm. Unfortunately, you need to spend more time because it is not a simple project to do. See these DIY pond projects that may inspire you;

Simple Pre-Formed Pond with Waterfall

Simple pre-formed pond with waterfall

You can use preformed pond liner to create the shape for this pond. Pea pebbles and granite are great to be used for building the pond with its waterfall. Feel free to put some Koi or other fishes.

DIY Recycled Tractor Tire Water Feature

Diy recycled tractor tire water feature

A tractor tire can be used to build beautiful water feature. Prepare a recycled tractor tire and put at your backyard. Cover the tire with gravel, pebbles, and big stone to make it fantastic. Fill with water and some fishes.

DIY Backyard Pond Ideas for Small Spaces

Diy backyard pond ideas for small spaces

If you only have small backyard, this backyard pond may be fit to your dream. Dig a hole based on the shape of your pond to be. After putting the pond and pump, fill the pond with some pebbles, granite, and or big rocks.

Beautiful Planted Zen Container Pond

Beautiful planted zen container pond

How about building a small pond on your patio? It will be a challenging project this weekend since you have free time. This is not a hard project but need patient. You have to prepare a big bowl and some plants to make it more natural look.

Small Free-Form DIY Backyard Pond

Small free-form diy backyard pond

Though the steps to build this pond looks simple, but it needs more time. You need to make garden liner before putting some rocks, pebbles, granite and water. Here, you can use some bricks to make sure the size you need.

Modern Rectangular Pond with Mini Deck

Modern rectangular pond with mini deck

Look at this fantastic pond for your backyard! Unfortunately, you have to do many steps to build this pond with mini deck. Moreover, pay attention to your basic carpentry skill. Just follow the instructions if you have ready.

DIY Backyard Waterfall on a Budget

Diy backyard waterfall on a budget

For the first step you have to decide where to put your waterfall. After that, make some artificial rocks out of concrete to build this lovely waterfall. Build the water pond with some boxes in structural pattern. It needs more time, money, and skills.

Weekend Pond Project for Novices

Weekend pond project for novices

What you need to prepare for building this pond is that a large area, some pebbles, granite, big stone, and pump water. After the pond already build, you can add some plants to make it more fresh and natural. Just be ready to put some fishes or let it with plants.



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