10 Super Easy Chalkboard Projects to Upgrade Your Home Interior Design

10 super easy chalkboard projects to upgrade your home interior design

Actually, chalkboard is not only as the media for writing on a classroom. Moreover, it can be function for many purposes. Here are some ways using chalkboard at your home to help you organize your activities;

Scheduling Panes

Scheduling panes

Arrange your schedule on a chalkboard which already divided into six parts. You can make it into magnetic by spraying several coats magnetic too. Feel free to use extra note as well.

Vanity Lesson

Vanity lesson Take a note for all medicine you need to consume today at this chalkboard. You will be surprised because chalkboard can be use as a box to keep your medicine as well. Just make this medicine cabinet by yourself as a simple project this week.

On Tray

On tray

How about using chalkboard for dinner? You can write down the menu of dinner at chalkboard and put it on table. It looks classic and romantic, especially for you who want to feel like dating for the first one.

Name Frame

Name frame

Upcycling a chalkboard into photo frame will be delightful idea. You can write down a name or drawing some symbols there. Whenever you want to change the pattern, you just have to erase the drawings and change it with the new one.

Chalk Magnet Board

Chalk magnet board

If you have an unused mirror, take the frame for making chalk magnet board. Use it to write down the message for all family members. You are pleased to add some photos of your family for make it more beautiful.

Memorable Memos

Memorable memos

Take an advantage on color of bubbles for chalkboard will make your day more cheerful. Just write down different message for each bubble. You are free to use it as a message board and let your family enjoy this way.

Beauty Display

Beauty display

Using chalkboard as beauty display will be a wonderful idea. Just hang chalkboard on the wall and put some accessories there. It is not only avoiding clutter but also keep your small items on its place. Even, it makes your room more beautiful.

Daily Ombre

Daily ombre

Applying chalkboard for home office room helps you to organize your activities on track. Write down what you will do this weekend on the chalkboard which already painted in a basic color.  Divide the activities on each activity on different shade to ease you see what you will do next.

Measure Up

Measure up

Put on your utensil based on its size will avoid clutter on your kitchen. For you who love tidiness, this idea will be so much helpful and less money. Try it soon and see the result!

Writing on the Walls

Writing on the walls

Prepare a breakfast bar be more colorful by putting a bright chalkboard on wall. You are please to write down the menu for your family’s breakfast today. Let they ask what they want for breakfast tomorrow as well. This will be fun!



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