10 Genius Colorful Bedroom Decorating Ideas to Copy Right Now

10 genius colorful bedroom decorating ideas to copy right now
10 genius colorful bedroom decorating ideas to copy right now

Colorful bedroom may be avoided by some people because they worry about clutter. Nowadays, you can create a genius bedroom decoration by using some colors. It will look cheerful and fresh. This condition is good to refresh your mind at morning. Here are genius colorful bedroom decorating ideas to try;

Cherry Pattern Bedroom

Cherry pattern bedroom

Choosing red and white as the basic color of your bedroom will be a brilliant idea. It seems like in a cherry garden. Getting happy when you want to go sleep is the aim of this bedroom painting. Then, wake up with relax mind at morning is the best result.

Lilac Bedroom

Lilac bedroom

Hummingbird wallpaper comes with its attractive look that works together with the headboard to create lilac bedroom. Then, a patterned pillow and bed cover give you purple atmosphere that lead the room to a beautiful and cozy look.

Striped Bedroom

Striped bedroom

Get ready to feel shiny every morning by applying this striped bedroom decoration. This white and yellow painting allows you to feel like in beautiful and colorful garden with natural sun light. It repairs your mood and makes you feel better.

Blue Floral Bedroom

Blue floral bedroom

There is nothing more astonishing than a bedroom with blue floral painting. It works together with the headboard and pillows at the similar color to create harmony. Moreover, the rug in stripe blue, white, and beige gives more statement.

Cobalt Bedroom

Cobalt bedroom

Cross-glaze paint comes with its feature to give pretty master bedroom look. With blue and white this bedroom will remind you about the beach. It refresh your soul and keep it relax along the night and wake up by full of spirit.

Apple Bedroom

Apple bedroom

Drawing a picture of green apple brings your bedroom into green circumstance. The curtain and rug are in one project to create harmony look. This is a simple style that will be loved by anyone who loves green decoration.

Aqua Bedroom

Aqua bedroom

Wallpaper in aqua also gives you a cheerful bedroom to take rest. Just mix and match it with your furniture to improve the look. You can add extra chair and side table at the bedroom as well. Just feel that you are in a big aquarium.

Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian bedroom

Colorful wallpaper doesn’t look overwhelm when it matched to the pillow on the bed. This color combination of red, pink, and orange comes with cheerful atmosphere to refresh your mind. Hopefully, you will wake up with more spirit at morning.

Rose Bedroom

Rose bedroom

Full off your wall and ceiling with one pattern wallpaper! This way will keep your bedroom tidy and sweet. Pink chair looks genius to be matched with the lamp that hanged on the wall. The idea of this bedroom is pink but it will not make you shy.

Eclectic Bedroom

Eclectic bedroom

The gingham curtain acts as the vocal point of this bedroom decoration. Furthermore, striped rug and patterned chair make this room look rousing. Then, this colorful farmhouse bedroom can be applied at a modern house as well.





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