8 Hammock Ideas For Your Backyard Relaxation Spot

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Hammocks can make for a charming addition to your outdoor decor. But most importantly, hanging up a hammock is a great way to create a calm and private spot in your home that’s perfect for recharging after a long week. What else says summer like a hammock gently swaying in the afternoon breeze? it is something everyone should have in their backyard to really enjoy the summer.

Hammock Stand

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If you don’t have a good place to tie a hammock up in your garden, this stand is the perfect alternative. You can put a small table nearby and instantly it becomes your outdoor sanctuary.


Hammocks 3
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Pergola is a nice investment in your garden. This is a suitable place to hang your hammock. You can decorate your pergola with string light or vines.

Bright Color Hammock

Hammocks 5
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A brightly colored orange hammock positioned between two large trees. A small table nearby is perfect for resting a glass of lemonade on or books to read.

Pool Side Hammock

Hammocks 8
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From relaxing to swimming, this is a convenient trellis to hung your hammock. If you don’t have the money or time for a man made structure like this, any pair of trees or set of poles next to your pool will work just fine.

Colorful Hammock

Hammocks 9
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This colorful spreader-bar hammock is gorgeous against the blooming, bursting garden. This hammock is suspended between two trees.

Drop Cloth Hammock

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This is a pretty classic design, so if you are looking for something simple and relatively unobtrusive, then it would be perfect.

Deep Forest

Hammocks 12
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Discover your adventurous side with hammock hidden behind shady bushes. It’s like exploring rain forests to find peace

Lighted Hammock

Hammocks 7
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This traditional hammock hangs between two trees, while the entire space is accented by exterior lights strung up in the trees.


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