9 Attractive Bridge Design Ideas to Apply at Your Garden

9 attractive bridge design ideas to apply at your garden
9 attractive bridge design ideas to apply at your garden

Considering the garden, pool, and landscape is must. You as the owner of a house should have a map to design what will the outdoor to be. Build a bridge as the vocal point can add the visual interest and function as the access to see all your property.

Moreover, you have to gain more ideas to decide which bridge designs that will be fit to your garden design. Pay attention to the material of the bridge as well whether it made of brick, wood, rock, or even metal. Just see one of these bridge design to copy for your backyard;

Double Duty Bridge

Double duty bridge

With rock as the core material of this bridge, it will be long lasting. The curve shape also functions as covered walk away in which providing beautiful natural view. The choosing of neutral color comes with its natural look.

Simple and Efficient Bridge

Simple and efficient bridge

If you have limited budget, this bridge design may be fit to your garden. It can add visual interest of your garden with putting this natural bridge next to the pond. Then, it also save the space because only need little area.

Bridge Way to Relaxation

Bridgeway to relaxation

Enjoy the way to see all your property by this bridge design. Instead of traditional bridge, this modern design comes with its amazing look along the gazebo. Let see how you relax and get peace mind by seeing the view.

Waterfall Inclusion

Waterfall inclusion

Incredible! How this unexpected idea comes with its surprising look by letting you hear the sound of waterfall. A bridge with waterfall is a brilliant idea which makes this place look pretty and charming. An entertaining place for your guest as well.

Stepping Stones

Stepping stones

Using stone as the material for your bridge also can be a wonderful decision. It looks good to be placed over your ponds cape. See how this natural design will make your outdoor space more beautiful and relaxing.

Concrete Creations

Concrete creations

Symmetrical and geometrical patio bring a balance between texture and color of this outdoor design. When you want to cross through the water pond, a plain concrete bridge help you pass it easily. This bridge design is simple but suitable for all decoration.

Daisy Chained

Daisy chained

A country home with wooden bridge comes with its natural view. Seeing this house design brings your mind to be more peaceful and calm. Take a look at pond and all plants which work together to create a natural harmony.

From the Undergrowth

From the undergrowth

Amazing, isn’t it? This bridge which made of wooden log comes with its natural interest looks like grow form the undergrowth. This bridge helps you to feel like in a forest with all the grass inside the garden. Just enjoy the nature!

Functional Flow

Functional flow

A bridge over the swimming pool becomes the vocal point of this outdoor design. It helps you to see all the property of this backyard decoration. The pool, patio, and bridge come with a one unity look to rise up the harmony.




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