9 DIY Teepees Your Kids Will Spend All Summer In


Summer has come, and it is time to bring the whole family out. This season, treat your kids for some extra adventure with their own places to play. Build the backyard teepee with your kids this summer. It is easy and fun and an ideal summer craft project for the whole family.

Canvas Cloth Teepee

Teepee 1

Canvas is an easy material for making teepee. What you need to consider is that you need a sewing machine with heavy-duty or denim needle to sew the canvas cloth. For extra fun, let your little one decorate the teepee with their painting

Bed Sheet Teepee

Teepee 2

This teepee is large enough for several children. This can be a base for your child and friends. We love how she adds the little windows on the teepee.

No Sew Canvas Teepee

Teepee 3

The addition of a dream catcher as a decor makes this teepee very Indian. We are also pleased with the knot accents on the top teepee.

PVC Pipe Teepee

Teepee 4

This teepee is made with canvas drop cloth and PVC pipe. We admired the idea of pipe disguises by using woodgrain Con-Tact Paper to give the original wooden look.

Gypsy Teepee

Teepee 5

The teepee above gives a strong gypsy impression. You need is a lot of patchwork, wood and hot glue.

Super Simple Teepee

Teepee 8

For beginners, maybe this is a good time to build a teepee. This teepee is very easy to make without much effort.

Copper Pipe Teepee

Teepee 7

Besides wood, bamboo and PVC pipe, copper pipe is another material that can be used to make teepee. The advantage is that you have a strong teepee buffer.

Dreamy Ruffled Teepee

Teepee 6

This beautiful teepee can also be used as a decoration for your child’s birthday party. Let the kids take pictures with the teepee, capturing a cheerful birthday moment

Reading Nook

Teepee 9

Spending the summer with reading is something that kids will love. Reading takes us on another adventure in the world full of imagination.


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