8 Smart And Stylish Garden Screening Ideas to Consider

8 smart and stylish garden screening ideas to consider
8 smart and stylish garden screening ideas to consider

To obtain a privacy to your outdoor space, all you need is screen your garden or backyard with some fences or other stuff to enjoy your free time privately. Screen garden is not only to avoid your neighbors, but can also to divide your garden into different space. Check out these 8 smart and stylish garden screening ideas to consider below.

1. Wood Plank Screens

Wood plank screens

For a lively feel, choose a black wooden plank fence combined with a large planter with greenery.

2. Rich-Stained Wooden Fence

Rich-stained wooden fence

If you want to give your space an ultra-modern look, choose a rich-stained wooden fences cover your whole outdoor space.

3. Simple Plank Fence

Simple plank fence

For a fresh outdoor look, choose a simple plank fence and lush textural greenery planted next to it.

4. Tall Stained Wooden Plank Fence

Tall stained wooden plank fence

A tall stained wooden plank fence is ideal to hide your outdoor space from other people.

5. Whitewashed Trellises

Whitewashed trellises

This whitewashed trellises can be used as privacy screens and covered with plants or blooms coming up if you want.

6. Privacy Screen with Greenery

Privacy screen with greenery

To make your outdoor space fresh and hide you from the neighbors, a gorgeous privacy screen with lots of greenery is the best option for you.

7. Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical herb garden

A vertical herb garden for privacy, a wonderful smell and is a must for home cooks.

8. Lush and Tall Bamboo

Lush and tall bamboo

Lush and tall bamboo is a perfect for an outdoor space in the south or in a tropical zone.


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