8 Boho Porch Design Ideas You’ll Never Want To Leave

8 boho porch design ideas you’ll never want to leave
8 boho porch design ideas you’ll never want to leave

Boho style is free-spirited and very relaxed in vivacious and bright color and pattern. This style is easy to create. If you are into this style but don’t know where to start, let’s try to make a boho porch. So let’s encourage your guests feel free-spirited and comfy at once with boho porch style. Check out these 8 boho porch design ideas you that makes you’ll never want to leave below.

1. Porch with a Dining Zone

Boho with a dining porch

Decorate your porch with a dining zone with lantern and colorful textiles. This porch is so vintage with great seating bench made of wood and concrete and pallet table with sexy legs.

2. Porch with Hanging Bench

Porch with hanging bench

Create a white porch theme with a hanging bench, woven lantern and baskets and a jute rug. Perfect.

3. Porch with Woven Hammock

Porch with woven hammock

If you have small porch, just hang a woven hammock, potted succulent and a boho printed rug and your boho porch is ready to welcome the guests and you can have me-time here while having a sip of coffee and read your favorite book, or nap.

4. Colorful Boho Porch

Colorful boho porch

Give your boho porch a colorful decor with a printed rug, a teepee with macrame, lanterns, potted greenery and rattan stool.

5. Screened Boho Porch

Screened boho porch

Give your screened boho porch a built-in wooden bench, faux fur, hanging greenery and unique lanterns. The best thing about this screened boho porch is that you don’t have to worry about your furniture because it will save in any season.

6. Chic Boho Porch

Chic boho porch

Decorate your porch with a wood carved bench, a chair, a printed rug, lanterns and a carved wooden screen to get a boho chic look.

7. Boho Porch with Rattan Furniture

Boho porch with rattan furniture

Give your boho porch a rattan furniture with bright printed textiles, hanging plants and greenery.

8. Super Colorful Boho Porch

Super colorful boho porch

Give your porch a bold printed textiles, a pallet side table, greenery in pots and woven lanterns for a super colorful boho porch.


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