10 Houseplant Display Ideas to Improve Room Decoration

10 houseplant display ideas to improve room decoration

Houseplants or indoor plants give your house fresh air every day. Just make sure they are in a right landscape to keep them live and grow well. Houseplants displaying helps you to improve your house decoration to be more natural and cozy. Enjoy your indoor garden in any room you like by seeing some of these examples;

Houseplant in Staircase

House plant in staircase

Arranging your house plants in the staircase is brilliant idea. This design makes your room look unique. Then, the plants will get enough sunlight easily. Just be ready to maintenance them every day.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Fiddle leaf fig

It is not easy to plant fiddle leaf fig for indoor plant. You need to prepare large pot, because this plant can grow till two meters long. Fiddle leaf fig also produce many leaves that will make your room looks full.

Pots Accent

Pots accent

Applying pots as the landscape of any indoor planters is a must. You need to provide some pots in different color and size according to what planters that you plant. Just make sure to keep your herbs, flowers, or any indoor planters grow well.

Low Maintenance Plants

Low maintenance plants

If you are a busy person, don’t take a risk to plant hard planters just like fiddle leaf fig. Choose the simple plants just like cactus or succulents to beautify your room. They are easy to plant and only need low maintenance.

Cool Pots

Cool pots

Prepare cute pots and plants to get cozy indoor garden. You don’t need to buy them if you are able to make some cute pots by yourself.  The pots are not only as a landscape but also improve visual interest to your room.

Plants Shelves

Plants shelves

Set up your indoor garden by having a plant’s shelves. Feel free to plant herbs, succulents, or flower in some pots and put them on the shelves. It will give a natural look to your wall. Make the shelves from some plain woods.

Use Side Table

Use side table

This is a cool idea. Using side table to put on some pots will create a unique look to your room. Choose some little pots to plant your favorite indoor plants. Make sure your plants will get enough nutrition and water.

Decorative Role

Decorative role

Arrange your plants at decorative role will keep your room from clutter. Don’t forget to put the water can on the plants box as well. This decoration actually improves your room design and gives you fresh air to keep you healthy.

Cascading Houseplants

Cascading houseplants

Houseplants also plays role as an interior decoration. Planting cascading houseplants will keep your room look fresh and tidy. Moreover, it has its own statement as a part of room decoration.

Vertical Hanging Planter

Vertical hanging planter

Arrange your plants vertically to let them grow well on your room. Use some pots and hang them on the wall. It looks great to apply some pots with different sizes to upgrade your decoration. Feel free to plant any flowers you like.



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