10 Dreamy Pool Design Ideas to Copy for Your Backyard

10 dreamy pool design ideas to copy for your backyard

Building a pool at your backyard may help you to spend better time for summer. Instead of designing your pool in rectangular shape, it will be awesome to try other shapes. It will give a fresh design for your house and looks different from other. Just take a look for your these lovely pool design ideas for your yard.

Floral Elements

Floral elements

Design your pool with the best feature as you like by putting some pebbles and plants. The addition of flower fragrance will help you to relax your mind such as hydrangea, lily, roses, and others. This design is made to make comfort and fresh.

Pool with Bar

Pool with bar

Give a new entertaining part for your swimming pool by building a bar beside it. Let your friend drink some cocktails by seeing some others swimming. This place also looks great to hold a party this week with some colleagues.

Romantic Swimming Pool

Romantic swimming pool

Give your partner a surprising moment this week by building romantic swimming pool like the picture. Prepare some rose petals and chandelier to make more amazing. Put a sofa to sit with your partner and share your love.

Pool with Waterfalls

Pool with waterfalls

Let your mind be relax and peace by listening to the sound of waterfalls on your swimming pool. This design bring your soul be more patient. Moreover, Give the time for your body to feel the beauty of natural fragrance of this swimming pool.

Fire Features

Fire features

Enjoy yourself swimming at this creative design pool. Take a look at the fire features that will make your night brighter. It looks awesome to put some fire bowls for a swimming pool to make warmth surrounding.

Long and Narrow

Long and narrow

If you consider the size of your yard, this long and narrow swimming pool may help you. It deals with the condition of a house with small space. This design will add visual interest which is looks creative for a small yard.

Tropical Villa

Tropical villa

Try this outside tropical villa for your swimming pool design. This pool let you enjoy the nature of life by some plants around the pool. Here, you will feel like in a lake with its natural beauty. Add an accent of umbrella to keep you from sunlight at mid day.

Shaped for Your Delight

Shaped for your delight

This is an incredible pool design for you to copy right now! Just see the violin shape that tells you a different look. It will make your day at this swimming pool more special. You are look like a musician who loves music in every single time.

Pool Tank

Pool tank

How about this swimming pool design? It seems like an aquarium for a fish in a room. Let yourself feel like a mermaid who loves to swim. Add some natural rock and pebbles to make it earthy. Then, some herbs will make it looks natural.

Underwater Glow

Underwater glow

Pool lighting adds visual interest for this swimming pool design. It looks amazing, isn’t it? The water looks like shining at night and show its own interest. Just install underwater lighting to give a new touch for your swimming pool.




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