8 Vertical Planter Ideas to Maximize Outdoor Space

8 vertical planter ideas to maximize outdoor space
8 vertical planter ideas to maximize outdoor space

Every home owner may have a lot of wishes about having a big green garden space. You can easily make the wish come true even if you are only have a small space. Vertical garden is a big solutions and can be made quickly at home to enjoy greenery and flowers all the time at any particular indoor or outdoor space. Check out these 8 vertical planter ideas to maximize outdoor space below.

1. Cedar Vertical Tiered Ladder Garden Planter

Cedar vertical tiered ladder garden planter

The tiered shelves provides you so much space for the plants and the flowers to and it would look adorable standing against your garden walls. So grab some wood and your crafting tools to shape up this awesome planter design.

2. Simple Planter Ladder

Simple planter ladder

The way you display your pots and planters really adds to the beauty and style of your garden spaces. Making a ladder and holding your colorful planters on the steps of the ladder make an eye-catching display. You can craft as many steps of the ladders as many planters you have and create a simple and pretty housing for your planters.

3. Planter Box Ladder

Planter box ladder

Make your outdoor space look enchanting and full of lively vibes with the addition of this pretty and functional ladder, holding the planter boxes so gracefully. The planter boxes have been shaped up and then screwed together to the ladder structure to form up this awesome planter that would add oodles of charm and style to your patio area.

4. Up-cycled Ladder Planter

Up-cycled ladder planter

Clean your ladder, sand it, stain it in the matching outdoor hues and then mount it over the walls of your outhouse.The iron rings have been added to the ladder to hold the pretty planter or the flower pots in them and create an amazingly gorgeous and fun display for the garden decor.

5. Cedar Tiered Flower Ladder Planter

Cedar tiered flower ladder planter

To jazz up the embellishment of your garden spaces, there is no doubt that the ladder planters are the apt to get your hands on as this design offers you so much space for your plants and flowers and a cute style of display at the same time. You can easily make this pretty and mini ladder planter with the simple stacking method of the wooden pieces together

6. Wooden Ladder Garden

Wooden ladder garden

Create a herb garden in your spaces and that too with the least of the cost. All you need is a bunch of some old tin cans to grow your herbs in and an old ladder to display your herb pots on and that too at the cheapest of the rates.

7. Ladder of Branches Planting

Ladder of branches planting

Create this ladder planter to hold your lovely flower boxes and pots and let porch look all spruced up and fun. You need some wooden branches to be stacked together and form up this thin cute ladder to let you hang your flower baskets on each ladder step. The idea is super cool and fun

8. Old Ladder Into Planter

Old ladder into planter

All you need is an old ladder, some old spoons and forks to use as the hooks and the old tin cans to be hung on the hooks as the lovely planters holding your favorite plants, flowers or the herbs in them. You can also hold your garden tools on this planter ladder and thus making the most out of it.

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