9 Smart Ideas to Upgrade your Trash Can Look

9 smart ideas to upgrade your trash can look
9 smart ideas to upgrade your trash can look

Trash can is essential part of every home if we want to keep our home clean. Choose the right size trash can for your need. For the kitchen, consider having two trash cans; a big one for non-smelly trash and the smaller one for food trash, anything drippy and other waste that smells bad. Having a pretty trash can is also something to consider. Check out these 9 smart ideas to upgrade your trash can look below.

1. Rope Trash Can

Rope trash can

Wrap your ordinary trash can with nautical rope and your trash can is a much more appealing and have a decorative look.

2. White Tilt-Out Trash Can Cabinet

White tilt-out trash can cabinet

Keep your trash can safely hidden inside the cabinet, so you don’t have to worry that the sight of the trash is impacting your space.

3. Kitchen Island Trash Cabinet

Kitchen island trash cabinet

Double job your kitchen island; kitchen island trash can. With this project, your kitchen will always be tidy and your trash can will neatly hidden within an elegant kitchen island.

4. Spray Painted Trash Can

Spray painted trash can

Transform your old metallic trash can by spray paint them gently and some colorful pom poms.

5. Fabric Woven Trash Can

Fabric woven trash can

Transform your simple wire waste basket into a truly adorable decor piece with a crafty hand project above.

6. Chevron Trash Can

Chevron trash can

Give your trash can a pattern makeover to make it look dynamic, modernized and office-ready.

7. Vintage Style Trash Can

Vintage style trash can

If you are obsessed with vintage prints, you can try it on your trash can. This vintage trash can can become the most interesting and eye-catching element in your space.

8. Plastic Bag Trash Can

Plastic bag trash can

We all have so many plastic bags at home. Don’t throw it out because it will hurt our heart. Use them by creating something new and functional; a plastic bag trash can.

9. Modern Trash Can

Modern trash can

Just spray paint your inexpensive plastic waste basket with the color that suitable with your home theme to get this modern, good-looking trash can.


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