10 Jaw-Dropping Modern Chandelier Designs

10 jaw-dropping modern chandelier designs
10 jaw-dropping modern chandelier designs

A chandelier is a great source of light. It accentuates the space and makes a statement while lighting it up. Chandelier are more than just a way to illuminate your space. It add style and become part of the home decor. The right chandelier can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room. Check out these 10 jaw-dropping modern chandelier designs below to inspire you.

1. Flower Power Chandelier

Flower power chandelier

This Flower Power chandelier from VGnewtrend is an ode to spring, the awakening of nature in charming bright colors with subtle nuances. It is consists of a large number of artificial tulips, between which LED glass lamps are arranged harmoniously.

2. Geometric ONA chandelier

Geometric ona chandelier

Strong and sculptural, the geometric ONA chandelier is formed of three circular bands of warm, bright light that join together to form a perfect sphere.

3. Cloud Round Chandelier

Cloud round chandelier

The cloud round chandelier compromises of seventeen, individual, hand-blown, patterned glass fixtures that create a strong visual language and also give an illusion of movement.

4. Counterweight Chandelier by Alison Berger

Counterweight chandelier by alison berger

This chandelier have a cool mechanical-inspired design that combine crystal wheels, weights, and handblown pendants. It is a unique chandelier that is worth attention.

5. Branko Chandelier

Branko chandelier

This chandelier is made by Ipe Cavalli and dotted with esoteric references, baroque styling and surreal design ethos.

6. Fungo Chandelier

Fungo chandelier

This chandelier was inspired by the shapes of mushrooms growing on wood. The main idea was to create a contrast between the formal rigidity of the chandelier’s wooden structure and the pieces of glass that seem to spontaneously germinate from the wood.

7. X Diamond 3/60’ Chandelier

Diamond chandelier

This chandelier is a celebration of hexagonal and octahedral forms in nature, consisting of 60 three foot long maple wood bulbs joined together by cast brass joints.

8. X-Large Bubble Chandelier

X-large bubble chandelier

This chandelier is very romantic and magical lamp seems to fly in the air due to its lightness.

9. Edie Chandelier

Edie chandelier

Sculptural shards of bevelled glass are arranged into a diamond shape around the light source of satin nickel or brass hardware and smokey grey or clear glass.

10. Metropolis Bar

Metropolis bar

This chandelier is a fun take on a traditional chandelier with seven glass lights, in a mixture of shapes, dangle from cords that are draped artfully around a rectangular bar.


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