Creative Painted Garden Decoration Ideas to Try For a Wonderful Garden View

Creative painted garden decoration ideas to try for a wonderful garden view

Make your garden more cheerful by painting some part of it with beautiful color. It changes the atmosphere and gives new touch of your garden without make it boring. You need to paint your garden for having different touch. Here are painted garden decoration ideas for you to try;

Orange Poppies Bloom on the Door

Orange poppies bloom on the door

Flower blooms not only at the garden; you can paint it on the door. It gives different look toward your house by having this lovely painted flower. Just look at the orange poppies bloom on the door and let it be one of the icons for your house.

Initialed Milk Jug Serves as Side Table

Initialed milk jug serves as side table

A side table made from initialed milk jug makes your garden more charming. Paint it with any colors you like. Creating this side table is not hard. You don’t have to be an expert of carpentry, but you have to be able to paint beautifully.

Rock Signs for the Garden

Rock signs for the garden

If you plant some herbs, vegetables, flowers, or fruits at your garden you can sign them with rock sign. By a simple way, this rock signs help you to identify each plant. Using paint to write down the variety plants will be brilliant idea.

Sky Blue Table for Two

Sky blue table for two

Painting your chair and table for outdoor will be a good job this week. That outdoor furniture give new touch to your garden on its own bright color. You are free to choose whether blue, yellow, orange, red, or other bright colors.

The Wee People Dressed in Colored Pots

The wee people dressed in colored pots

Add some wood doll at your garden make another view which is cute. Wee people dressed in colored pots bring your garden into more cheerful atmosphere. Don’t forget to paint them in different colors and let them be one of interesting parts of your garden.

Tole Painting on Bright Blue Window Frame

Tole painting on bright blue window frame

Bright blue window frame can be one of smart choices to make your garden look wonderful. Though it is not part of plants but it can make your outdoor looks more interesting. Then, try it to your window and make your garden more stunning.

Rainbow-Colored Pallet Hangs Flower Pots

Rainbow-colored pallet hangs flower pots

Colorful life with rainbow colored hangs flower pots for your vertical garden. Look at this wonderful garden style which will be fit in any garden styles. Even, it looks wonderful to be put on an apartment which doesn’t have wide area.

Painted Pots in Fruit and Pastels

Painted pots in fruit and pastels

What a cute style for a special garden look! You are free to choose the color, but the picture is the most beautiful. Pastel color works well with fruit color to make a bright and brilliant color combination. It can be done by anybody though in a small space garden.


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