9 Fascinating Garden Paths for Outdoor Space Ideas For Your Inspiration

9 fascinating garden paths for outdoor space ideas for your inspiration

Path is not only a way goes to your house but a part of your garden beauty. It changes your yard and gives aesthetic value. You have to choose the best path style for your front yard or backyard to make it fascinating. Here are some inspirations for you;

Easy Access to the Backyard

Easy access to the backyard

Whether for backyard or front yard, this pathway design will look enchanting. The blue stones at this path way make it looks more cheerful. Then, this path design is suitable for you who have modern and minimalist house style.



Try this classic parterre design path for your yard. Some gravel which edged with brick make it looks natural. You will be amused by the beauty of nature from flower fragrance, vegetables, and herbs on your garden.

Beautiful Side Yard

Beautiful side yard

How about this side yard design? It looks wonderful isn’t it? With some Italian cypress trees along the pathway make it fresh. The flagstone which used for the material shows its own power and creates wonderful combination.

Small Wonder

Small wonder

Look at this minimalist and modern style of path to try for your garden. It leads to center of the garden which shows a water feature. See! There are some traditional plants at this yard as well but looks great with this modern style path.

Straight and Narrow

Straight and narrow

This path arrange diagonally to the entrance way.  With this way, the path looks like a diamond with some grass grow around it. It gives aesthetic values as well for the front yard. Do you want to use this design for your house?

Built-In Rest Stop

Built-in rest stop

Imagine your step on these oversize steppingstones on your garden. This style makes you feel like in wildlife. Moreover, benches which consist of oversize stones also show the characteristic of a jungle.

Curve Ahead

Curve ahead

Arranging granite steppingstones into curve shape goes to the gate is a brilliant idea. This path will be so much beautiful for your house, whether it is modern or traditional house style. Some grasses grow well at this yard make it more beautiful.

Elegant Entry

Elegant entry

This rustic pathway consists of Tennessee field stone and Pennsylvania blue stone. The plants around the path make it look elegant. You are please to add some any flowers and grasses on this lovely path way.

Strong Geometry

Strong geometry

The use of crushed rock and blue stone make this path appeal layers. The texture of this path gives you a stunning and natural look. It can applied in a modern and minimalist house with little space garden as well.








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