Some Stunning Garden Wedding Trend Ideas for Spring and Summer

Some stunning garden wedding trend ideas for spring and summer

Get glorious backdrop when you hold your wedding party outdoor. Choose the best garden as you like and fit with the budget. Prepare the cake, décor, theme, and other things related to your wedding party. Holding wedding at spring or summer will give you an unforgettable moment. Here are some things you need to preserve when doing wedding party outdoor;

Outdoor Wedding Reception

Outdoor wedding reception

Floral gland on the picnic table adds natural view for your wedding party. This outdoor designed to make your guest enjoy the moment. They are pleased to see the view while eating or drinking what they want at this table.

Rustic Welcome

Rustic welcome

Before entry way, it will be better for you to put rustic welcome for your guest. It looks unique and impressive. Whoever will come to the garden will know that there is a wedding party inside. Does it look amazing?

Prepare Umbrella

Prepare umbrella

Held wedding at spring means sometimes suddenly rain comes. So, it is a good idea to prepare umbrella or parasols for your guest to keep them from rain or sun shine. It makes your wedding day more romantic.

Mason Jar Chandelier

Mason jar chandelier

You will be surprised by the sun light that streaming to this Mason jar. It looks like a whimsical light come to your wedding from God. This is so amazing as like as coming to a fairy place where many magical things happened.

Botanical Garden Venue

Botanical garden venue

Imagine you do your wedding party at this outstanding botanical garden. Feel the romantic atmosphere with all happiness. This is one of recommended places to hold your wedding party. Bring the beauty of nature to your special moment.

Outdoor Wedding Lounge

Outdoor wedding lounge

Adirondack chair will create different look at your wedding party. With its neutral color, you can see this lounge shows the beauty of nature. Enjoy the fresh air and view while seeing two people get their happiness is wonderful think.

Outdoor Wedding Cake Display

Outdoor wedding cake display

Wedding cake is one of the most important parts of a wedding party. At spring, you are allowed to use your garden to hold your party with this simple cake design. Use weathered wood table to display your cake to look stunning.

Bright Bouquets

Bright bouquets

Bouquets also become one of the most important of a wedding. Choose the bright color for your bouquets and make it impressive for the one get it later. This is spring and anything should be look more cheerful.

Rustic Arch

Rustic arch

When you do your wedding party at garden, try this rustic arch for doing your wedding ceremony. It looks great and elegant. By using natural material, it will make you feel like in heaven with all the beauty inside.





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