Low-Maintenance Front Yard Landscaping Ideas That Will Attract You

Low-maintenance front yard landscaping ideas that will attract you

Giving your attention to your plants at the garden is a must. If you want to do little maintenance for your plants and still see they grow well, you have to be able to do some ways. It deals with how you will treat your plants without losing time and money. Here are low maintenance front yard landscaping ideas;

Invest In Mulch Beds

Invest in mulch beds


To prevent weeds and fertilize plants, it will be better for you to invest mulch beds instead of grass. This mulch beds doesn’t need to mow or water. In the other words, it is low-maintenance. Mulch also has pleasant smell and inexpensive to apply soon.

Plant Lavender

Plant lavender

Lavender is a kind of flower which is low maintenance. You only have to water it once a week. Happily, it gives you pleasant smell along the day. Moreover, these plants make your garden free from any kind of mosquitoes.

Use Crushed Stone In Beds

Use crushed stone in beds

Using crushed stone as beds become one of the alternative landscape beside mulch. Here, you don’t have to replace it regularly. By applying crushed stone, you will be easy to maintenance your plants and let them growing well.

Personalize Landscaping Stone

Personalize landscaping stone

It’s up to you. Whether you want to use pea stone or crushed stone as your landscape. Both of them are low maintenance and give different result. But, consider to the region you get and how the stone will be suitable for your house aesthetic value.

Fill the Yard with Perennials

Fill the yard with prelenial

Perennials are the kind of flower which is easy to maintenance. They grow well along the season and will go back year after year without worrying the water. Although, when you plant these plants on a rocky landscape, they will grow brilliantly.

Pick Non-fussy Flower

Pick non-fussy flower

Try to plant flower which will blooming on the yard every season. Choosing pick non-fussy flower is good idea to make your garden colorful in all season. Enjoy your autumn, winter, spring, and summer at your own backyard with these beautiful flowers.

Climate Specific Grass

Climate specific grass

Try to find out what grass will grow best in your area. Planting grass will add aesthetic value toward your backyard. Then, it will be easy to grow though with little watering. It will save your money, because you don’t have to buy fertilizer.

Use Potted Plants

Use potted plants

To make your yard more versatile and low maintenance, you are please to use potted plants as the landscape. It only needs little fertilizer and water. After that, using potted plants make you easy to move them around to change the decor.

Pick Native Plants

Pick native plants

Native plants already know the season of your area. It means you don’t have to spend much more effort to make it grow well. Then, the plants will keep water as they usually do and grow well at the specific area.





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