10 Cool Plunge Swimming Pools For Outdoors

10 cool plunge swimming pools for outdoors
10 cool plunge swimming pools for outdoors

Summer is almost coming. And nothing can be better than staying outdoors. We are all striving to our terraces, balconies, pools and gardens. If you don’t have pool yet, it’s time to build one. Even if you have a small terrace or tiny backyard, you can always accommodate a plunge swimming pool there. Whatever your outdoor style is, a plunge swimming pool will definitely fit.

1. Mini-Dipping


This plunge pool is built in small backyard. This pool is simply made of concrete and tile.

2. Deck Dynamo

Deck dynamo

This plunge pool is a great spot to refresh yourself with their spa-like theme.

3. Plunge with Wood Decking

Nighttime plunge

This pool is made of the stamped concrete deck with composite wood decking that framing the plunge that features interlocking natural stone veneer, stamped concrete coping and a stainless steel scupper.

4. Miniature Water World

Miniature water world

Fountains, gushing wall scuppers and overflowing basins create a dynamic water feature showcasing a plunge pool.

5. Fire and Water

Fire and water

This modern plunge pool combines flames, flowing water, natural greenery with bold colors that creates a unique visual aesthetic.

6. Glass Mosaic Plunge Pool

Glass mosaic plunge pool

This plunge pool is lined with deep blue glass mosaic tile.

7. Plunge Pool with Great Frame

Plunge pool with great frame

This pool is build under a painted cedar pergola where boxwoods frame the patio walkway. So gorgeous.

8. Elegant Plunge Pool

Elegant plunge pool

A beautiful plunge pool with tile inlay around the rim and  planters for visual accents create an atmosphere of understated elegance.

9. Scenic Decor

Scenic decor

This plunge pool is perfect for you who have limited space. The key is find correct placement.

10. Summer Escape

Summer escape

This plunge pool is made with Bluestone decking, Indiana limestone coping and ceramic tile around the inside perimeter that will be a perfect spot to enjoy summer with family and friends.


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