10 Trendy Indoor Plants That Are Pet-friendly and Stylish

10 trendy indoor plants that are pet-friendly and stylish
10 trendy indoor plants that are pet-friendly and stylish

Many people have a pet at home. And many of them also love to have an indoor plant. But how if you like both? Pet like cats are carnivores, but the like to nibbling on houseplants. So, as a good owner, you need to consider a pet-friendly plants. Choose a plant that is non-toxic and harmless, because some plant can cause symptoms like stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, and even a kidney failure for your pet. So check out these 10 trendy indoor plants that are pet-friendly and stylish below.

1. Calathea


Put this plant at  your home office or dining room and gibe them ceramic planters that play off the colors in your space.

2. Boston Fern

Boston fern

These bushy plants immediately garner the attention of curious cats, but you don’t have to worry the next time you see one of your pets nibbling at its nontoxic leaves. And plus, this Boston fern added texture will instantly upgrade your bookshelf.

3. Spider Plant

Spider plant

Style yours with playful pastels on a countertop or hang it in a metallic planter in the corner of your breakfast nook.

4. Prayer Plant

Prayer plant

Pair the intricate leaves of this plant with a neutral planter for your boudoir.

5. Areca Palm

Areca palm

Whether you opt for a natural planter that pops against white textiles or a neon version for a look that’s bolder, you’ll end up with a room that screams summer.

6. Button Fern

Button fern

Ferns are perfect accents for any room of the house, so don’t hesitate to spruce up your empty corners. Keep the look fresh with lighter wood tones in your kitchen.

7. Ponytail Palm

Ponytail palm

The feathery effect of this plant instantly turns it into a pet-safe toy.

8. Echeveria Succulent

Echeveria succulent

Succulents are the best because you can plant them in anything, and there’s minimal care required. Get creative and use found objects like branches or old teacups as your planters.

9. Staghorn Fern

Staghorn fern

Take advantage of the unique fern if you have shallow shelving or low ceilings since you can hang it, pot it, or mount it on a wall.

10. Hoya


Hoya plants are understated but can effortlessly fill an empty space. Put one on your desk or bookshelf with a few other knickknacks that are equally as inspiring.


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