9 DIY Cinder Block Gardens to Beautify your Space

Vertical garden
Vertical garden

Break out your gloves, shovels and seeds and get ready to garden your heart out with cinder block. Cinder block gardening is an awesome way to boost your health or even to show off your love for Mother Nature with a rose garden. To convince you more, check out these 9 DIY cinder block garden design ideas below.

1. Succulent Corner

Succulent corner

Embracing the succulent trend and planting these little beauties in a cinder bock pyramid. With this creation, you can show off your gardening skills in every corner.

2. Mosaic Cinder

Mosaic cinder

Turn your garden space into crafting with a few broken tile pieces or you can say it a mosaic garden. This is an easy way to turn your garden space into a group art and earth project.

3. Zen Statue

Zen statue

Create a peaceful garden feel with a gorgeous cinder block statue that will leave you feeling one with nature. Namaste!

4. Wall Garden

Wall garden

Put your plants in a cinder block wall garden that is also a perfect backdrop for your outdoor space.

5. Modern Planter

Modern planter

Go for an urban vibe with the perfect combination of wood, cinder blocks and succulents that is so neat and polished planter.

6. Painted Pots

Painted pots

Add a splash of color to your cinder block pots by adding some patterned paint that can completely transform the aesthetics of your garden.

7. Vertical Garden

Vertical garden

Build this space-saving vertical cinder block planter to style your garden.

8. Backyard Bar

Backyard bar

This gorgeous bar is dotted with greenery that is perfect for your spring and summer entertaining.

9. Garden bench

Garden bench

Let’s make this gorgeous project. Make a wooden bench on the top of your cinder pots.


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